Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gardening Tips!

With the Spring Equinox my thoughts turn to gardening.  We still have snow in our forecast but I'm planning and dreaming.  I've saved up some suggestions on my Pinterest page for improving plant growth and production.

This isn't a very appealing photo but I know that eggshells work on ferns so I'm going to try this with my tomato plant.

Crush up four or five eggshells and place them in the hole under the tomato roots.  It provides essential calcium to the plant.  Eggshells are 95% calcium.   I learned about eggshells a long time ago from an elderly friend who had awesome ferns.  She kept crushed eggshells in a covered jar with water and used it to fertilize her plants.  I'm not sure what the use is for the aspirin in the photo.

Another hint:  Sprinkle baking soda around a tomato plant to sweeten the fruit.  I haven't tried this but I will.  Not much ventured and maybe a good gain.  I like sweet tomatoes.  I'm yearning for a fresh tomato sandwich.  Here is my neck of the woods that involves good bread, two slices of fresh juicy tomato, salt, pepper and a little Duke's mayonnaise.

One more.  According to a source for garden hints, the world's most perfect fertilizer and pesticide is epsom salts.  Every other week mix 1 gallon of water, 1 TBSP of miracle grow and 3 TBSP of epsom salt and water your plant. The promise is for a great garden all season.

It will be a few weeks more until I can get into the dirt but I'm excited.  This winter must be gone. 

Happy planting!!  Come along Spring!


  1. Thank you Sami! I have some ferns to transplant into "new" garden areas (formally forgotten and overgrown) and we go through eggs here like water.

    Happy First Day of Spring :-)

  2. Fantastic! Any idea's for snails? ?? They are a pain in my side. I pick them and throw them over the fence. But they keep coming back! ! I am open to anything that won't hurt my other plants.

    1. Yes. I've heard two for snails. One is beer. The other is grapefruit. If you're seeing them remember to take a salt shaker with you when you go to the garden. A salted snail is a dead one.

  3. I can do that. I was afraid of salt ruining the soil. But beer & grapefruit I can do. Sounds like a fad diet.


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