Monday, March 17, 2014

English Country

Do you study other designers?  Do you have a favorite?

Throughout years of study I've collected way too many design books and hundreds of magazines.  I've pored over them religiously and noted many trends as they come and go.  I was once country and waited impatiently from month to month for Country Living.  I haven't bought one now in years although I still see it when I'm checking out at the grocery store.   One magazine I've always loved that does English country at all levels is The English Home.

Do you know it?

It is one of the more expensive mags I've bought and my local bookstore says they cannot get it.  That makes me sad.  I'm thinking of a subscription.  If only my postman cared as much about keeping the covers pristine as I do.

Here are a couple of clips:

I'm a sucker for a bell jar.  They are all over my house for two reasons.  One is I like them.  The other is named Daisy and she is twenty years old this year.  My favorite bell jar here at home is on my porch.  It holds the biggest bestest ever Carolina Wren nest.  That would be reason number three.  The squirrel who visits my bird feeder.

When you are looking for entertainment in a designer fashion, bring your cup of Earl Gray and Google 'The English Home'. 


  1. I too love the home decorating magazines. It is so much fun to look at them and dream of how you want your house to look.

  2. I also used to be a Country Home and Victoria magazine fan. As my taste in design evolved, so did my magazine selections. Now I prefer Veranda, House Beautiful for its practicality, a new magazine called Milieu and Town and Country for the incredibly-expensive jewelry ads just for fun. I'll have to give English Country a look.

  3. Sometimes I just see a place where an update is appropriate. Daisy passed away one year ago in October. The big bell jar on the porch was broken during a storm. Sad events, both.


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