Wednesday, September 17, 2014


We're still having warm days and too many raindrops here in the mountains but this time of the year all eyes begin to turn toward the mountainsides as we await the glory of Fall.  Our peak leaf time is usually mid-October.  I've seen predictions that color will come early this year.  No one can say for sure since it is dependent on nighttime temperatures.  Trees have to feel the chill of the thirties before they stop feeding their leaves.  With no chlorophyl coming from the source, the leaves begin their beautiful cycle of dying.

Whew.  That got a little heavy.  We're here to offer a little Fall inspiration.  

This wreath is deliciously created with bittersweet which grows here in the mountains.  It is a vine with lovely fall colored berries.  It should be appearing soon along the roadsides.  Usually one or two booths at the Farmer's Market in Asheville will offer sprigs and wreaths.  When we traveled doing antiques shows our customers looked forward to our October offerings of bittersweet.  In fact, at one point we had a shop named Bittersweet Hill.  It can be messy but oh, so glorious in display.

Take a hike!!  Well, that's the only way to acquire enough acorns to cover a basket.  What a fun family project! 

Bittersweet again.  You get a better idea of how it can be used.  If you are lucky enough to find it in the wild, be sure and spray it with something.  I have used hair spray and spray lacquer.  It helps the berries to hold on.  

Whatever you're doing this Fall, don't forget to...

May all your wishes come true.