Sunday, December 10, 2017

Ugly Christmas Sweaters...Again!

We had a talk about this a while ago and agreed that they aren't all ugly.  It seems to be an annual rite for me to shop the Vintage Ugly Christmas Sweaters on Etsy.  

                We begin with this preppy cardigan from DJVBoutique. 


The colors are rich.  The candy cane block catches my eye 'cause I'm a ribbon fan.  I'm having trouble figuring out what the figure on the lower left represents.  Can  you tell?  It is a good looking sweater. 
Moving on...

      Ribbons again.  They get me every time.  If the ribbons don't get you, the kittens       will.  LivingAVntgLife is the name of the shop. 

    I think I'll keep looking.

I'm a sucker for a Scottie although I suppose this is a Westie.  One of my favorite little neighbors is a Scottie.  The shop is OldGenuineThings and they have other Christmas sweaters.

                                                                Still on the search.

As you know, I am a fool for ribbons but a red truck is close to my heart.  This one is a kid's sweater, hand knit.  I wish I had someone to wear it.  From WillowsWear who has other knitted things.  
                                                      Ready to quit?  Let's push on.
Paydirt!  Almost.  If it were my size it would be gone.  The shop is VintageByBeth.  She also has a Pendleton plaid skirt.  Traditionalists arise and shop!

                                                   Just one more.  I'm getting sleepy.
This one slowed me down.  I even imagined the outfit.   Black cords.  The new thin welt ones from the catalogs.  A crisp white shirt and black smoking slippers.  The shop is WolfgangVintageWares.  The more I look at it, the more I think I would wear it.  Not my size.  Pffft. 

        I haven't found my sweater but I got some Christmas socks from a new website I discovered. 
From the Sock Drawer.
PS.  I seldom do links anymore because they are all set up to link in automatically place an ad on the page.  All the sweaters are on Etsy and I've shared the shop names.  The Sock Drawer is easily found on Google. 




We had a surprise 10 - 12 inches of snowfall here in the mountains over the last couple of days.  My friends shared some great photos on Facebook and I thought I would share a few here.

The scrollwork of a garden fence against the blanket of snow. 
High up on Eagle's Nest Mountain. 
                                 A private drive that may not be traveled for a few days. 
Nandina berries.  Great photo!
This snow clung nicely making good photo ops!
Loved this one.  The shrubs look like marching turkeys. 
I am certain there are pixies in the grotto planning Christmas surprises for the woodland creatures. 
And a little whimsy.
Happy Winter to you from me and my friends in The Great Smokies. 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

As we turn our eyes inside again and think of warm interiors, company coming and the holidays, traditional decorating is very relevant so I am repeating this post from two years ago.  The only difference in the content is that I now have seven pairs of smoking slippers.  The newest ones are embroidered with peacock eyes and are for my daughter's wedding next week.  Here for a second look is the Tartan Scot. 

Rich it up!  That is a phrase that comes to mind as I think about warming up my home for the coming season.  At this point I can't bring myself to type the word that begins with W and means that other word that begins with S will be its companion.  Let's translate the W to Warmth.  It's about fireplaces and fluffy blankets, for sure, but there are some interiors that just make a cozy statement.

I have declared somewhere below that my number one designer is Bunny Williams but there are others on the list that I seek out for inspiration depending on the look I'm coveting.  A designer known for what is termed "baronial style" always comes to mind.  I think that means the to-the-manor-born look.  Whatever it means, his interiors are rich and have a particular warmth that appeals to me.

With the handy ottoman and throw and a favorite novel, one could spend hours in this corner avoiding the cold outside.

Cozy and conversation come to mind.  As one who has too many framed things to fit into her small home, I am a fan of stacked artwork.  It may be one reason I like his work.  He is not timid about incorporating abundant elements.  Crowded, you say?  I say rich! 
The simplest addition to a room to celebrate the coming season.  Greenery and pine cones accented with touches of red and, of course, at least one tartan fabric pillow.
To say Scot is a fan of tartan would be an understatement.  We have not focused on that aspect of his baronial style but here is where you can find him and his passion for the plaid.
As a fan of what I call smoking slippers I was happy to know that Scot is as well but to him they are Albert slippers.
The slipper has its roots in the gentlemanly attitude of the Victorian era hearkening back to the very stylish Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria. Yes, he of the tobacco tin.  Originally used as an evening slipper for around the house, we find them now at evening, black-tie and holiday gatherings being worn by both sexes.  I personally have two pairs.  Embellished black suede ones  similar to the ones above and a pair of subtle gray and guessed it...plaid.