Saturday, November 4, 2017

As we turn our eyes inside again and think of warm interiors, company coming and the holidays, traditional decorating is very relevant so I am repeating this post from two years ago.  The only difference in the content is that I now have seven pairs of smoking slippers.  The newest ones are embroidered with peacock eyes and are for my daughter's wedding next week.  Here for a second look is the Tartan Scot. 

Rich it up!  That is a phrase that comes to mind as I think about warming up my home for the coming season.  At this point I can't bring myself to type the word that begins with W and means that other word that begins with S will be its companion.  Let's translate the W to Warmth.  It's about fireplaces and fluffy blankets, for sure, but there are some interiors that just make a cozy statement.

I have declared somewhere below that my number one designer is Bunny Williams but there are others on the list that I seek out for inspiration depending on the look I'm coveting.  A designer known for what is termed "baronial style" always comes to mind.  I think that means the to-the-manor-born look.  Whatever it means, his interiors are rich and have a particular warmth that appeals to me.

With the handy ottoman and throw and a favorite novel, one could spend hours in this corner avoiding the cold outside.

Cozy and conversation come to mind.  As one who has too many framed things to fit into her small home, I am a fan of stacked artwork.  It may be one reason I like his work.  He is not timid about incorporating abundant elements.  Crowded, you say?  I say rich! 
The simplest addition to a room to celebrate the coming season.  Greenery and pine cones accented with touches of red and, of course, at least one tartan fabric pillow.
To say Scot is a fan of tartan would be an understatement.  We have not focused on that aspect of his baronial style but here is where you can find him and his passion for the plaid.
As a fan of what I call smoking slippers I was happy to know that Scot is as well but to him they are Albert slippers.
The slipper has its roots in the gentlemanly attitude of the Victorian era hearkening back to the very stylish Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria. Yes, he of the tobacco tin.  Originally used as an evening slipper for around the house, we find them now at evening, black-tie and holiday gatherings being worn by both sexes.  I personally have two pairs.  Embellished black suede ones  similar to the ones above and a pair of subtle gray and guessed it...plaid.  


Friday, October 27, 2017

The Colors Are Vague

🍁  Hello out there!

This is the time of the year when we share a huge influx of visitors with the New England states.  Folks who come to see the changing of the leaves.  The color season - as it is known.  So far, it hasn't been a very good year.  We set out to find some natural beauty earlier this week. 

Our favorite place is a dirt road that winds to the top of a mountain.  We loved this little fellow showing his best traditional maple color. 
Along the way I caught a couple of good areas of color.  A country road lighted by filtered sunshine through the bright yellow of the trees. 

A view of a nearby mountaintop.  I like the contrast of the skeleton trees in the foreground.
Although we had not expected much show of color we were pleased that we found it.  This is a beautiful place to live year round and we do put on a bit of a show in the fall.  Sometimes one has to go find it. 
Thanks for looking in. 



Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Shoes? You've got to be kidding me!!

Dammit!  I hate getting into the politics of it all on this page but I am sick of the liberal press and their lies.  As one who watches more than one network for news, I see the misrepresentations to the point where there is little of the truth being passed on. 

I remember learning in journalism classes about how important it was to tell the truth.  To do one's best to represent who, what, when and where without prejudice.  Sadly, that is no longer the case.


I don't expect to see any retractions.