Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Trends in Housekeeping

I like that word.  Housekeeping.  Keeping house.  Mostly we prefer to hire housekeepers and no one wants to be called a housewife.  Well, maybe no one.  I've decided I don't mind being either although I'm no longer a wife. 

Housekeeping could well be defined as keeping a house up to in watching trends and choosing those that appeal to you.  To spruce up or renovate, most want to know what's new.  Personally, I have tendency to lean toward the older, more traditional, concepts but I pay homage to the new.  Or, not so new in this case.

Here's a new trend that appeals to me since it is reminiscent of an old one.  

You know the old saying "There is nothing new on earth"?  Lattice isn't new but it is currently the hottest thing up in geometric designs which have been hot for a while now.  

Move over chevron, lattice is the new modern graphic.  Timeless, but new.  
The design is by Jaima Brown Home.  

Would you like something a little more subdued in color?  

This lattice fabric comes in many colors and there are complementary larger designs.  Find it on Home Portfolio.  
Wicker chair cushions or throw pillows on a sun porch.?
An upholstered chair in a yellow and blue bedroom?  

If you're looking for lattice elegance, how 'bout this wallpaper?

Gold foil.  
One wall in a dining room with blue and white chinoiserie?  Or Chinese red?
A posh powder room?

Lattice is not new.  Victorians used it all sorts of ways.  It isn't even new in fabric.  I remember a brocade fabric with roses superimposed on a lattice framework from years past. 

If your housekeeping involves updating, give a nod to lattice.  



  1. Love that first print in yellow! I'm still a fan of chevron, but this design is definitely on trend!

  2. Heart that gold foil! So pretty! I think maybe chevron is on its way out...

  3. Very interesting prints! I think they are very pretty!


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