Thursday, August 29, 2013

What's On The Floor?

The stampede to wood floors has not slowed down.  We've gone from oak hardwood and pine to all shades of dark and color and different materials.  Bamboo is recommended as ecologically friendly.  Apparently it comes in a multitude of colors and grain variations.  This one looks enough like pine for me to consider it. 

A bamboo floor.  Too knotty?  I'm not sure. 
We looked at bamboo for a rental apartment in Miami but the homeowner decided on a tile.  Along the way we discovered that while bamboo does grow and mature quickly, certainly faster than an oak tree, those who are producing the product are using environmentally unfriendly methods for this fast moving grow and harvest material.  Here's an article:

Tiles in terra cotta, linoleum and all sorts of man made materials are no longer just for the bath or kitchen.  As we have gone into (or through?) the industrial and modern phases, tiles are found all over the home.  I think some of the influence has resulted from the fact that as more of us travel and experience international décor, we are more willing venture away from the norms of hardwood and carpet.  All said, we have to allow that it was always a norm in the Southwest, California and Florida. 

From the page where I picked up the above photo,  I didn't get a clue where the room is but I feel Italian.  Maybe Southwestern?  The tiles seem too small and the lamp seems to overwhelm the design. 
Ah, lovely.  A French chair, an Italianate table on a marbled tile floor.   I wish I could see the rest of the room.  I like the soft colors repeated from the tile. 
I am not promoting tile floors.  In fact, my original intent was to discuss the trend in area rugs.  Maybe we'll get back to that on a day when my tracks are all running in the right direction. 
My daughter says I have trains on at least three tracks in my head.  You know how they used to hang the mail out where the train could grab it as it sped through a little town?  She says that's how I get thoughts and ideas and sometimes one misses the grab.  I stop listening when she gets into trains jumping the track.
I have to run.  My yard guys are coming today and I have to draw a plan for them. 
Happy Labor Day!


  1. I hope you do a post on area rugs. In the last ten years or so I have gotten rid of so many area rugs because they would trip me and I can't risk falling. But the two Karastan area rugs we bought 20 years ago still lie flat and sturdy. I don't really like a room without area rugs but want one that lies flat and doesn't shed.

    Sami Pat, thank you for your message inquiring on how I was doing. I'm happy to report that just 3 weeks of not eating any sugars, white flour, etc. has made an improvement in how I feel, plus a 10 lb. weight loss. Just a beginning but a hopeful one. Thank you for caring and asking!

  2. Dewena, how good to hear from you and know that you are doing so well. Good for you for taking control.

    Quality will out!! I know a Karastan rug that has been in place for 46 years and it still looks beautiful. It's in my ex-husband's den and he isn't the best housekeeper but it always makes it's quietly classy statement.

    Thanks for getting back to me.


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