Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Most of my readers know that I live in the wonderful mountains of Western North Carolina.  I'm always willing to share the beauty of our landscape but we also show up some very fine decorating here in the sticks.   One of the most outstanding every year is the Cashiers Designer Showhouse.   Rhoda of Southern Hospitality agreed for me to share some photos of her visit to the 2013 house.  I was especially impressed with much of the work in this one. 
Impressed by the simplicity.  Do you see repetition in the shade and the flower arrangement?  How about the pillow design and the table?   
As a good design should, this porch looks like it was 'built' over the years.  Nothing stands out or looks brand new.  Don't you love that swing?
Barley twist brass candlestick lamps and high back Windsor chairs.   The chair ties are not bows.   I especially like the 'family heirloom grandfather' nestled into the corner to oversee affairs. 
Tell me you couldn't cuddle here on a cold winter's night. 
These are just a few of Rhoda's photos.  If you'd like to see more visit her here:


The Cashiers Designer Showhouse is annual event in August.   Plan your Smokies trip to include a day in the western high mountains.  There's good food, fun shopping and impressive decorating. 
Thanks, Rhoda. 


  1. I knew you lived in NC but didn't know you were in the mountains! That is my soul's home--earthly speaking! I have family all over the place and lived in Asheville for many years. Every time we leave, headed back to TN I'm sad. My mother loved Cashiers when she was young. Of course it was just a little NC town then, not the resort area is is now.

    I like it when you point out details in decor that I hadn't even realized were there for a reason. One reason you're the designer, not me! I like learning to notice these things. I knew I liked these rooms though, even if I didn't know why. Beautiful!

  2. Dewena, you are so nice. I can't help but look with a critical eye. I've watched Cashiers grow and change as has most of this area. Sometime when you're coming over to Asheville, let me know and I will meet you for a cup or glass depending on the hour. Thank you for your comments.


  3. Sami - Oh for that demi-lune table with the silhouette legs! And yes, that bench swing is great and unique so opposite in style from the log bench in the foreground.

    Thank you!


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