Wednesday, September 25, 2013

That time of the year...

If one lives at the beach or in the mountains, summertime may be the busiest time for guests.  For most of us, anticipating the holidays is the time when we take a look at our guest quarters. 

There are articles on the 'net about how to outfit a guest room or guest bath.  Except for putting a mint on a pillow, I agree with most of the suggestions and always did the little extra touches when I had guestrooms.  Someone has to be really close to get to stay in my current guest room which is primarily my office.   These are some rooms that appeal to me.  I would feel blessed to visit any of them.

Snuggly simplicity bathed in caramel.
Clean surfaces are integral to a comfortable guest room.  Isn't it strange how those hinges draw one's attention from the room?  Little details are important in good decorating. 
Effortless casual charm.  The room doesn't look pretentious or designed. 
Would you draw the shades? 
I just really like this bed.  Again, no pretense.  I'm waffling on the ball fringe window treatment.  I would never do it but I think it is charming in this setting.  Look!  There's a rooster over in the corner.  Whimsey!!
It doesn't take a lot of space to be beautiful and charming. 
Of course I had to include this one.  It has my favorite color. 
Just a few shots to get us thinking.  My original quest was for inspiration in my own bedroom.  After all, I consider myself the most important guest in my home.
On the subject of comfort, I've decided that six hundred thread count sheets wear out more quickly.  My favorite softest fitted sheet has a hole in it. 
Rest well in your own nest and offer the same to your family and friends when they come.  Oh, those suggestions? 
Adequate closet, drawer or shelf space.
The little tumble-up by the bed has become a staple. 
Adequate towels and washcloths.
Good bedside lighting.
A blanket, quilt or throw for an afternoon nap or a nighttime chill. 
All that other stuff on a tray is up to you. 



  1. Very inviting rooms...what is a "tumble up"?

    1. Hi Victoria!

      A tumble up is a water bottle that has a complementary glass that is turned upside down over the mouth of the bottle. They are very often seen on bedside tables. Thank you for visiting.


  2. I wondered about the tumble up too! I thought maybe it was a luggage rack!

    I'd love to try any of those guest rooms. Your suggestions would make any guest comfortable. Maybe too comfortable? They might never want to leave!

  3. A folding luggage stand is a good addition to the list. Oh, the way to get them to leave is to stop providing food. *grins*

  4. Very beautiful and so inviting! I love the shades and bedding in the second photo.


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