Thursday, December 31, 2015


As I mentioned before, I have been working on my blog list.  Once I was able to post again after two years of frustration, I began a browse through the blogs I have followed.  I am sorry to see so many that are no longer active.  I wonder if any succumbed to frustration as I almost did.  For two years, I searched for answers about my problems loading photos and found nothing that worked other than switching browsers which I didn't like.  Then one day I tried and it worked properly and I have been happy to be back among the blogging since.

Along the list, I found a living room renovation begun and the promise of "after" photos but it had been two years.  That makes me sad.  What happened?  I hope it was so good that the blogger was just too busy to share more with us.   I remember coming home once and finding a note on my door.  "I was here and you were gone.  Now you are here and I am gone."  Perhaps I could have left that comment on the blog but I wasn't pleased when I found it on my door so I didn't.

A few had just grown in directions I didn't care to go. I found some I didn't remember and wondered why I had subscribed.  I know why.  I don't have that problem anymore.   I let go of some where the ads were just too invasive.  I'm still working on it but will likely spare you further updates. 

So, upward and onward.  It is New Year's Eve and I am wondering if I have or know of any traditions that seem important to me today.  I do a life review and make resolutions on my birthday and probably have never kept a resolution made just for the sake of the new year.

Since I saved the ham bone from Christmas I could make some rich black eyed pea soup.  I'm not inclined to cook.  The peas are a mountain and southern tradition that I followed faithfully for many years.  I might consider it still since I read a list of lucky foods for the new year. 

Number One on the list is pork.  There are reasons why.  Pigs are rotund which symbolizes prosperity.  They are considered more progressive in their behavior since they root forward unlike turkeys who scratch backward.  Ahem.  Uh...well, let's see what else is on the list of lucky foods.

Not surprising, greens are on the list.  The symbolism there is obvious.  Green-backs.  We all hope for more.  We do, don't we? 

The list suggests black eyed peas in the form of Hoppin' John.  A New Orleans chef cooks the peas, greens and ham together and serves with cornbread.  The peas are coins.  The greens are paper money.  The cornbread is gold.  I keep thinking this whole thing wasn't too lucky for the pig.

Another that I picked up along the way is to start the new year with a clean house.  That makes sense.  And just one more, at midnight throw a bucket of water out the front door.   The symbolism is obvious there, I suppose.
I may start a new tradition of my own.  At the witching hour I may be watching the Google icon to see what pops out of the egg and if the timepiece moves to....



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  3. We've rarely strayed from the New Year's Day dinner of pork loin cooked with sauerkraut and white wine, black-eyed peas and cornbread, collard greens and mashed potatoes. After the fancier foods of Christmas and New Year's Eve, it's always good to return to comfort food.

    Starting the new year with a clean house sounds good in theory, and my sister always does that, but with a small house packed to the walls with visiting family, I'm not there yet. But gradually in January it will get done, just in time to start tax season work!

    So glad you are blogging again, Sami!


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