Wednesday, December 23, 2015


I've been out in the madding crowd more than I'd like these last couple of days and I could hardly wait to get back into my peaceful little home this afternoon.  Traffic sinners nearly cost me life and limb on more than one occasion.  All traffic laws seem to have been abandoned for the holidays. 

Safely inside for the next couple of days, my thoughts turned to the real meaning of the season for me.  Advent.  The promise of new life in the form of a baby born in a manger.  We await his coming and the significance of rebirth for ourselves.  It is a time of examining ourselves with the new year on the horizon and a chance to start over afresh. 

In my church we light the candles of the Advent wreath to mark the weeks approaching Christ's birth.  Each candle has a significant meaning. 

Traditionally, the Advent wreath is made of evergreen which symbolizes growth and everlasting life. The circular shape of the wreath stands for infinity - the circle of love that has no end.  Three purple candles and one pink candle document each of weeks of Advent. The first purple candle stands for hope, the second symbolizes peace, the pink candle embodies joy and the third purple candle represents love.  As a new candle is lit each Sunday, we are reminded of the growing eminence of Christ's presence among us.  The white candle is the Christ candle and it is lit on Christmas Day.
However you celebrate, I wish you a very merry season of hope, joy, peace and love.  


  1. Merry Christmas Sami. I pray you and your family are all safe. And the others on the road too!

  2. I love Advent wreaths used in church, with Scripture read by different families each Sunday. I love the solemnity of it. I made Advent wreaths for our family Advent devotions to when the children were young, going to the florist the day after Thanksgiving for purple and pink heather to use. And once I had an article written about our family Advent devotions published in a magazine. It was such a special time and I missed it when the kids grew up and left home. This post as brought back so many memories!


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