Monday, December 14, 2015

Never Too Late To Decorate!

I'm still decorating.  It is part of the joy of Christmas for me.  There is a small cache of ornaments still near the tree that I will add along the way.  The few treasures that get displayed every year under the tree are awaiting the addition of the packages.  I'm still trying to decide if I want to bid on some Christmas placemats that are showing on a local animal welfare site.  I don't get through.  I just quit when it comes and think about it all year 'til it's time again.

If you're still thinking or playing, here are a few good rooms for inspiration.

There was a tree similar to the one to the right of the fireplace at Michael's last week.  I've also seen small ones on Etsy.

I especially like the collection of unique trees in such a casual arrangement.  And quilts on top of the hutch.  Hmmm...

Oh my!  Natural greenery, bittersweet and little chairs.  Two of my things!!
We used to sell bittersweet at the market in Charlotte.  What a mess it made but we always sold out.  Memories. 
I'm on my way to the top of a mountain this afternoon for galax.  I'm excited. 
Decorate on!  It is never too late.  Well, maybe in February.  


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