Thursday, December 10, 2015

Keep It Simple - With Kisses!

I picked up two little tidbits from designer Beth Webb in an Atlanta Homes article. 

Although in most design projects we try not to overdo, it seems at Christmas time there can never be too much for some of us.  If keeping it under control matters to you, Beth says "I try to adhere to the advice of Coco Chanel, who said ‘When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on.’"  I am long past needing that admonition but there was a time.  One year we had three trees in the dining room because I saw them left on a lot and felt sorry for them.  I know, kind of like the poinsettias.  But if you think about being cultured and raised for one purpose only...and then when that has ended being thrown on a trash heap...sigh. 

There is this precious tip among Webb's suggestions.  One that I had never heard and wish I'd done. 

"When my children were little, and they still believed in Santa Claus, I would dip my fingers in the ashes from the fireplace and smudge their cheeks after they’d fallen asleep. The next morning, I’d tell them they’d received kisses from Santa!"

What a great idea!!  And it saves flour.  Flour?  Yes!  That is the old tradition of making tracks on the floor with flour to emulate Santa's having walked across the floor in snowy boots. 

I love Santa Claus and know for sure that he still comes if we believe.

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