Monday, November 30, 2015


Are you bringing home a freshly cut tree?  I found some really good hints on how to care for it.
I'm not sure why I never thought of this.  To get the tree into the house without damaging the tree or leaving a path of dropped needles, wrap the tree in a sheet!  When the tree is safely inside with needles intact, the sheet can also serve as a drop cloth to catch loose needles and possibly cushion the fall of a precious ornament.

One site suggests that you consider your tree the same as a bouquet of fresh flowers.  Once home, trim the stem 1/4 to 1/2 inch and get it into water as soon as possible. Make a straight cut, not an angle. Try not to remove bark from the remaining trunk since that is how water is absorbed most efficiently.  Choose a stand that is the proper size for the tree.  The rule is 1 quart of water per inch of tree diameter.  Keep the stand filled with fresh water.  Never let the level of the water fall below the bottom of the trunk or it will seal over and be unable to take up water.  If the tree starts to dry out, take a drill and drill tiny holes toward the bottom of the tree and refill with water.  I'm not sure I would be willing to try that but I understand it works.  A tree skirt helps to slow water evaporation from the stand in addition to catching needles and keeping Fido and Fluffy from drinking from the stand. 

There are a lot of suggestions out there for what to add to the water.  Most Christmas tree producers will tell you that the best way to keep a tree fresh is just to give it plenty of clean water. 

Placing the tree away from sunny windows and heat vents is a given but we mention it just to be complete in our hints.

Mine is up without any of these considerations since I use a pre-lit artificial tree.  I learned after many years of not feeling well during the season that the culprit was likely the big green conifer in the living room - or, at my house - the various sized ones in every room. 

We're into the season now and I wish you all an easy time.  With that in mind we will be offering other tips as the season progresses.


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