Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Christmas Rooms BH&G

I love looking at Christmas rooms on the 'net as I get ready to decorate my home.  I'm not an excessive decorator - just putting out a couple of collections that relate and natural wreaths for the outside doors.  My tree was done today by a young local decorator who hires out for the job.  He doesn't break ornaments.  Unfortunately, these days, I do. 

These photos are from a slide show by Better Homes & Gardens.  What do you think of these rooms?

1.  I like the simplicity of this.  There is one thing that bothers me. 
2. This tree is very Victorian which I admire and I crave that pillow with the bow tied case.  Not sure about the balance of the whole vignette. 
3.  Wow, what a gorgeous tree.  It does seem a bit top heavy.  Is it leaning in?  
4.  Love it!  The airy tree.  The upholstery fabric.  The rich chocolate walls complemented with creamy whites and tans. 
It's all with a sense of humor.  How one decorates is a very personal thing and as we say here in the mountains "To each his'n".
Christmas décor is what most of us are thinking or doing now but we have that special day of family and gratitude ahead.  My girls and I are eating out but I still have to bake a pan of cornbread stuffing for my daughter to take home. 

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