Sunday, September 27, 2015

It's Fall In The Smokies

Don't you love this photo?  Busy little fellow adding some padding to his nest for Winter.
Elk were reintroduced into the Smokies in 2001 and it has been a wonderful experience for us natives to see and learn about their habits.  The photo above is of a handsome full grown bull elk with one of his cows.  This time of the year is known as "the rut" and bulls can be heard bugling to attract cows.  Later, he will drop that gorgeous antler rack and next Spring he will start a new one. 
The elk are seen in Cataloochee Valley, around and near the Oconoluftee Visitor's Center in Cherokee and they have even roamed as far as Maggie Valley. 
In a couple of weeks it will look like this in the Smokies.  Color has already begun to show so this will be an early season. 
Keep your eyes pealed.  These fellows will be around for a while yet before they hibernate for Winter. 
Fairs and festivals abound throughout the Fall. 

Come see us!


  1. Hello! It was so nice to see a new post from you pop up on my blogroll! I showed your pictures to my husband as he was telling me recently about reading that the elk had been brought back there. Such good news! We've only been to Waynesville once but have always wanted to go back. I still remember our drive to it, down into the valley. We only stopped at a little hardware store and then had to get back on the highway. Such a pretty area.

    Enjoy this beautiful time of the year in those beautiful mountains!

  2. Dewena! How delightful to hear from you. If you're close to Gatlinburg, Oconoluftee is only thirty more miles. They are elegant creatures, the elk. Thanks for saying hello and come on over to Waynesville sometime.

  3. Have been wondering where you were. By these pictures I can see you've been in pure natural beauty. I need to add this area to my list of places to see. I'll be in Atlanta in November. Would I be too far away for a day drive? I'm from Los Angeles everything is a day drive even if it's 20 miles away.
    Looking forward to another post soon
    Barbara Ann

  4. BarbaraAnn, the problems with trying to post became overwhelming. I wasn't even planning a post but just tried to see if things had changed and they had. For the first time in over two years I was able to post photos without switching to Google Chrome and even then dealing with multiple editing issues. I am so happy!! Atlanta is 2 1/2 hours from Waynesville where I live. Asheville, just beyond me, is known as the Seattle of the South. You can be in the North Georgia mountains sooner. Perhaps a visit to Helen, Georgia would be fun. If you come this way, be sure and let me know.

  5. Oh how I wish I were in the Smokies! Last year was probably our last year to visit for some time due to over crowding, but it will always remain my most favorite place to visit, for any season.

  6. I just tried to comment, but don't know where it went. Anyhoo, once again, lol, I sure wish I were in the Smokies right now. Last year was probably our last year to visit for a while due to over crowding. It was miserable, and we even left early. It will always remain one of my most favorite places to visit...for every season. Thanks for posting this.


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