Sunday, April 19, 2015


Recently I was contacted by a representative of COUNTRY LIVING magazine with a request to use one of my Etsy items in the magazine.  I agreed. 

I am appalled at how I was treated.  First off, the communication stopped on my Etsy convos once I sent the photo.  I heard nothing.  Not even a thank you.  Finally, I wrote again through Etsy to ask if she received the photo, was it OK, would it be used?  Nothing.  Again I wrote just recently and the reply was that "Yes, the photo was in a current issue."  I had not been asked anything at all about credit being given or any connection to my shop but since the info was readily available on Etsy I just assumed that I would receive credit.

Never have I been so glad I did not receive credit.  My item was used in one of those question and answer sections where someone (supposedly) writes in to ask about the value of an item.  There was the photo of my item  with a fake name and location for the imaginary writer.  A complete fabrication.  A lie.  The value given for my item is very wrong.  It is clear that the person who writes the column has no knowledge of what she is writing about.  As a qualfied and experienced personal property appraiser the values on my items are based on experience and knowledge and are right and fair. 

Appalled!  Disappointed!  Confused!  I keep trying to figure out how they could get by with such a lie.  The person who contacted me is listed as a Deputy Editor.  Is there no honesty in journalism anymore?  Not at COUNTRY LIVING in my opinion. 

They haunt Etsy apparently because I have heard from others who have been contacted there.  I warn them all to beware.  If Country Living asks you to use a photo or to loan an item, think twice.  Demand final approval of how they use your product.  They showed me no respect.  I could cry. 


  1. I so read this issue. They are highlighting quite a few etsy shops and did not realize the antique appraisal section would be so fabricated.
    What a let down. I have subscribed to this magazine since 1980. I still have the issues.
    Will you post this in the forums? I think you should. Let other sellers be aware.
    So sorry. Now I will always wonder about their credibility.
    Barbara Ann / shop / barbaraannscreations

  2. Barbara, I am just appalled at the total dishonesty of the situation. Now I look back and wonder how we have been misled through the years. I did post about it in a thread that was already running about the mention of Etsy. Most of the comments were about how they loved Etsy being recognized and any exposure is better than none. It just makes me sad.

    1. I note that I lost a follower since I published this post. I'm sorry if I offended but I could not just let this go by.

  3. So sorry but not sure why a follower would leave. But I have a more open mind. While I love how they show etsy sellers more I wonder about a lot of validity on some articles. Everyone one is entitled to their opinion. You came here with your personal experience. I respect that.

  4. Thank you. My little item still sits in my Inactive file. I know a lot of Etsy people do read CL and she has killed one of my best items. Dammit!


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