Friday, November 7, 2014

Nooks and Corners.

As the winter winds begin to blow and snowflakes fall, we find ourselves checking the fireplaces and the warmer spots in our homes.  Nooks and crannies near fireplaces or sunny windows become favorite spots for passing time.  Here are a few suggestions that may inspire.

This one seems to have everything.  Maybe add a little more cover to the sleeping space.  The shutter is a great idea.  Watch it snow during a quiet afternoon or shut up for total protection as icy temps drop.  

An interesting use for under the stairs space.  Since most stairways are in very public areas, I'm guessing this one may lead to a lower floor.

Camp!  Lodge prim!  Love it!  Definitely cozy for a little conversation with a close friend followed by a long winter's nap.  

Sleep warm!  Sleep well!


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