Sunday, November 2, 2014

Childhood Stories

As a child I experienced the usual storybooks.  Red Riding Hood.  Hansel & Gretel.  Three Little Kittens.  The stories were simple and entertaining but contained a little lesson for the child listening or reading.  Since my grandma lived with us I didn't risk running into a wolf while delivering her lunch. The kittens didn't benefit me much since I was almost always missing a mitten or glove.  My best friend and I re-enacted Hansel & Gretel often and I preferred the role of the witch.  

There was one story, though, that kept me perplexed for years.  Still does, maybe.  This one:

The cow, the farmer, the horse...all tried to tell the little fellow he was headed for trouble.  He didn't listen.  In his haste to cross over the stream, he bought into the fox's pitch and thereby he met his waterloo.  

I was thinking that perhaps a few volumes of the ill-fated gingerbread man should find their way to our Capital.

God bless us all and keep us safe.

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