Sunday, August 31, 2014

When I was growing up catalog shopping was significantly different than now.  There was no Chico's, no Talbot's.  There might have been LL Bean but I didn't discover the Maine outdoors folks until years later.

For a lot of folks shopping by mail involved a choice between Montgomery Ward's and Sears.  I like to think we were a bit more advanced at our house because in addition to those two, we also received regular copies of the Old Pueblo Traders.  On my own, at about age 12, I ordered a silver and turquoise ring.  They're still around and the current online catalog shows a nice looking Koret Native American design fleece blanket duster.  Unfortunately, the photo wouldn't copy but here is a link.*&sc=N&x2=c.t2&x1=c.t1

At some point another little catalog began arriving.  The Vermont Country Store.  I liked it too but not for silver jewelry.  Their catalog focused on maple flavored goodies.  My favorite was the little maple sugar Canadian Maple leaf shaped candies.  They sell them here at Mast General Store so I no longer have to order.

Here's the candy that often showed up in my stocking.  I had to be coerced into sharing.

Vermont Maple Leaf Candy.
I see by Google that someone now makes it in Santa shapes.  Who wants Maple Leaf candy in any other shape than a maple leaf?  Not me.

The other best thing from Vermont Country Store was the flannel night wear by Lanz.  I still remember my favorite long nightgown with lace around the neck.  Tall cotton literally!!  

Mine was royal blue with little white flowers but this is the style.

I meant to write about other catalogs but I'm going to finish up here and spend some time in the Vermont Country Store book.  They have robes on SALE!

Sadly, this one is sold out but there are others.  We need to hurry!!

What's the point?  As I begin to think of holidays I get hit with nostalgia.  Nostalgia leads to thoughts of growing up in a lovely warm household where the whole Christmas season was a glorious occasion and taking a peek through catalogs of things unknown in the stores on Main Street in my little hometown was a treat.  

Gone shopping!!

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