Saturday, August 23, 2014

Plaid Your Fashion?

I'm watching a fall fashion trend with interest.  Plaid.  I find more references on Google from runway appearances than in catalogs.  I haven't seen any of the designers on Project Runway wear it or show it but it's here and I was inspired to look around.  

Here's the familiar cosmopolitan Burberry in a trendy style.

A more sedate take on plaid.  

Everything old is new again.  
Several of these, in a variety of plaids, could be found at any holiday or winter social occasion back in the seventies.  

Jessica Alba if you're shopping.

Here are some skirted options.  I wore pleated plaid skirts with knee socks in the sixties.  Now it is tights and/or tall boots.

Not these, of course, but speaking of boots!  Sport up your trench coat look with a pair of these.

Nothing new here but a good option for staying on trend in a minimally plaid way.

Or take it with a shirtful of easy - plaid flannel.  Old Navy, I think.

The piece de resistance from my study.  Slippers.  Aren't they adorable?  Find them at Rocket Dog.


  1. I've always love plaid. That long coat is wonderful xo Laura

  2. Thank you for stopping, Laura. I had visited your page yesterday but have no idea how to subscribe. I've been left behind by technology. :-(


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