Monday, January 6, 2014

Wrap It Up!!

I would guess that lately a lot of us have had more than one thought about how to keep warm.  My house has a fully functioning heat system that has worked overtime for days.  After realizing that the headache that was plaguing me was from too much dry heat, I turned it down, bought a vaporizer and pulled out a couple more blankets and throws.  I'm faring quite well and breathing better.  Remembering some wonderful wool blankets from my mom's house, I went looking around.  Here's what I found..

These look like camp blankets from my camping years.  They are 100% virgin wool and come from here:
I was not aware of the source but I will keep it marked while I decide if I'd rather have red or gray. 
An old standby blanket company is Pendleton.  For many years the offerings were either striped or plaid.  Look what they are offering now:
The man I married had a gorgeous red plaid Pendleton throw that I loved.  He used to tease me that I married him for that throw and his Tupperware.  It might have been partially true.  I'm sure it had nothing to do with his southern charm or good looks.
Another older company that has seen a major renewed interest in vintage sales is the Hudson Bay Company. 
Still going strong and still offering the stripes that made them famous.
I like the campy look of blankets from this company.
Coyuchi is the brand name.  I saw them featured on Remodelista.  Rich colors. 
"Sheep pastured in the cool mists of Canada produce the dense, cozy wool that is used to weave this blanket. To complement its heirloom quality, it gets classic style from three slim stripes at the top and bottom and whipstitching all around."  Quote.
Here in this neck of the woods we were partial to a locally made brand, Beacon.  Beacon camp blankets have also been popular on the online secondary market.  The one I took with me to college had a Native American design. 
Similar to this one.  I found several for sale on Ebay. 
These days I sleep under a down blanket but for doing the Linus thing I'd like a couple of these beauties to add to the cozy corner chair scenario.
What about you?
Keep warm, my friends.


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  1. On a cold day like today your post is perfect! Thank you for sharing so many new-to-me sources. I love the blankets in the first picture. I will have to check your link. I also love buying handmade afghans from Etsy. Hope you have a lovely day.


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