Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How’s Your Second Half Going?

I've been thinking about the direction of this blog for a while.  Although my original intention was to share information about antiques and design - what I know - I'm also very interested in sharing knowledge with others about issues that I deal with daily as an....ahem....older woman.  I've decided to refer to it as the Second Half.  Over fifty, for sure.  I've enlisted the aid of a couple of friends on Etsy and I hope you who read here will get involved. 
Let's talk!!  What works for skin?  What doesn't?  What fashion will you brave?  What makes you want to hide in the closet?  Doctors!  Are there any left who really care about a 75 year old?  Do you get any good advice?  Hair styles?  Hair color?  Share!! I will welcome guest posts on any subject that relates.  Please get in touch if you have an idea.  I believe there is a wealth of information we can exchange.
For now, I want to share this.  Skin Cleansers.  I've tried them all, I think.  From the ones recommended by dermatologists to the inexpensive ones on the shelf at my local Walmart.    I found this one on the shelf at my local grocery.


I’ve used it now for several days.  I think it brings up some color.  It cleans nicely.  I’m giving it a chance on the oil front.  My skin is dry, oily, dry, weird.  I think part of that is age.  Now, in winter, it is dry heat and exposure to cold outdoors.  I try and find a balance between something that brings up my natural oils and non-comedogenic.  I will let you know if I continue to use it. 
I knew the Avalon name because I’ve used their lip balm for years.  It is Vitamin C saturated and it is the best I’ve ever tried.  I was sad that it wasn't a part of the display at my local grocery.  I’ve always found it at Earth Fare or Whole Foods. 


There is a complete skin care line of Avalon Vitamin C products.  All are easily available online.  Just search for Avalon Organics.  They aren't expensive which is what makes me interested in trying them.  I've given Kate Somerville too much of my limited income over the last few years.

What works for you??  Want to tell us in a guest post?  I’d welcome your input.  I have some feelers out for product giveaways.  If you want to offer something, let me know.

Come on gals!  Let's make a difference! 



  1. Having dry skin all my life, I tried so many products without much satisfaction. Lately with the dry heat indoors I have been trying just plain inexpensive Witch Hazel as a cleanser & toner, followed up with Queen Helene cocoa butter creme with lanolin, which is inexpensive from Walmart. It makes my skin fee good relieving the dryness and doesn't dry out quick or feel greasy. I'm going to look into Avalon organics and see if they might be worth trying.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your suggestions.
      I hope to continue to hear from you.

  2. Hi Sami. Great topic. I know I dont look anything like Jennifer Gardner or Jennifer Anniston who does the skin care commercials. I have shoes older than them.
    But now as a 57 year old who now has diabeties, my skin has changed dramatically!! I always had very oily skin .
    I could grease a pan with my cheeks. Face I mean. But now I feel that my arms have what they call tissue skin.. It is soft but looks wrikely. I started using cocoa buter, from Palmers. It makes my skin feel good but wrinkles are tuff. When I take a shower, while I am still in the shower I lightly cover myself in baby oil, lavender scent. It absorbes in with the water. Then lightly dry off. And I have had to change soap often too. But the best I found so far is using goats milk based soap. I bought a small bit when we were in Nappa for our aniversary. And loved it. When I ran out I tried a sample of olive oil based soap I was given. For some reason it made me itch. So on Etsy, where I too have a shop, I bought more goats milk based soap. Perfect. So that is it for me. I will keep following. Redoing the downstairs bath. I hate having to run upstairs every time I need to go,,,which is often now....But it counts as expercise right??

  3. Wow! Barbara, you have so much good advice. True, those stairs are good. I didn't like what happened to my legs when I moved away from mine. Thanks for posting. Keep up. We're going to explore a lot of areas.

  4. Great topic, Sami, and good to read solutions from others. I've been using Australian Natio skincare which is brilliant but I'm ready for a change! I know we can buy Avalon hair products here in New Zealand so will see if I can find the shin range.


    Stairs.. I have a VERY long flight of stairs to my workroom (the house is a Victorian villa, so high ceilings) and have rugby players calf muscles. If only the rest of me was toned... arms are the worst as I get older.

  5. Make that the skin range.... :)

  6. Hi Janne! Nice to have you say hello. Let us know if you find the Avalon and try it. It is available online.


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