Monday, December 9, 2013

The Butler's Pantry

Update:  Well, we've said a sad goodbye to Downton but I was delighted to find that the Butler's Pantry link is still viable and my newest shoulder cover has already arrived.  Pristine and just as English as can be.  I thought it might be worthwhile to give my readers another look at Barbara's catalog which has expanded since we first found her. 


From December 2013.

If you are among the few who aren't enchanted with Downton Abbey, you may not be interested in this post.  Just kidding.

As we've previously discussed, I live in a tiny downsize house.  The closets are not accommodating, at all.  Having left a large walk-in, I have serious issues with the little rectangles here.  The previous owner installed those plastic coated wires units in an attempt to add space.  It hasn't worked for me.  Today I had them ripped out of my bedroom closet and a single rod and shelf replaced them.  Just like I had in my closet growing up.  It is amazing how much more room there is without all the brackets and hardware required to support those plastic things.

Little closet space means that my good winter coat has to hang from an over-the-back-of-the-door hanger.  Since I've been here I've kept it in a fabric travel bag that I've had since the seventies.  That works but it is cumbersome to get the coat out and a pain to have to put it back.

Three paragraphs brings us to...I went online looking for something I had seen years ago.  A shoulder dust cover.  There were flowered and striped ones on Etsy.  Not for me.  I spent considerable time searching the 'net for just what I wanted.  I was about to give up when I discovered this.

Exactly what I wanted!  No frills.  Just class.  Whoopee!
I explored further on the website..
...and found these.  Flannel shoe bags.  I've always loved storing my best shoes in bags when travelling.  With the renovation (that's a bit uppity for replacing a rod, I suppose) of my closet, I will be storing some good shoes in bags.  These are perfect.  Not showy.  Practical with subtle class.
There's more...
For your best table and bed linens.  Mine hang in a back corner of another small closet where I'm saving them for who knows what at this point.  They could use some protection.  If you keep yours in drawers, do you use the protective papers?  I do.  I'm pretty fussy about my linens. 
And then this!
Some of the best furniture tonic.  If you have antiques, regular use of a tonic is mandatory.  You even get two flannel polishing cloths with an order.
I'm not easily excited about what I find on the web but I immediately fired off an email to the owner of this site and she wrote back.  Imagine that. 
Have I teased you enough?  OK.  Her name is Barbara Harman and her site may be found at:


When you visit, take time to explore.  You will feel like you've stumbled onto a backstage tour with Mr. Carson.   

Although I'm still angry with that lovely young man who took Matthew away from us last year, I am hungrily awaiting Season 4 beginning in January.

Meantime, I'm adding a bit of British class to my closets. 


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