Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Browsing Christmas..

I'm laid up with a torn ligament in my foot so I've had plenty of time to explore Christmas on the 'net.  I'm an idea junkie.  I used to pore over December magazines and keep stacks of them for reference.  I still have a big stack of Colonial Homes magazines and the Christmas ideas there are never stale.  Big trees, warm hearths, wing chairs and lots of plaid. 

Several hours have been spent adding to my Pinterest pages.  It is a real treat for me to get lost in Pinterest pages.  You click on one and then another and another.  I've had them stacked ten deep as I enjoy what others have favored.  I added a few to my pages and want to share my absolute favorites with my blog friends.  If you'd like to visit, find me here.

I liked the simplicity of this so much that I'm using it as my avatar on Etsy.  Cedar.  Can you just breathe in the fragrance as the door is opened and closed?  I know there is a warm hearth inside. 
This is from a blog called Dear Lillie where I received some lovely inspiration.  Her current post with photos of her house is fabulous.
I think this originated with Martha Stewart.  I saw a tutorial in the middle of the night on the "ACTIVE" button on my Direct TV remote.  It is a feature called Holiday Projects.  This garland is so simple.  Attach a washer to the end of a wire.  Stack on the ornaments.  I think she suggested using the sturdier ones she sells in groups.  Attach another washer at the other end and hang.   I've seen another suggestion to do it with ribbon. 
A question to ponder as you go about celebrating this season of re-birth and renewal. 
Thinking of the inn and the stable...I was five years old when I recited the complete story of the Christ child's birth from Luke in front of the whole church.  A budding performer?  It's a reason to like being able to blog.
Thank you!


  1. Sami! When you were 5? Amazing! I'm so sorry you have that torn ligament. They take a long time to heal in the foot. Enjoy your time of leisure. I could spend hours on Pinterest, and have a time or two. It and blogs almost make magazines obsolete, don't they? I still have a few Colonial Homes too and I've kept many of the British December issues from years past. I love all the things you "borrowed" from interest and will come back and spend some time looking at your other favorites.

  2. Dewena, as the youngest of eight I had to perform to get noticed. I went looking for the English House and Garden magazine and was astonished at the subscription cost. I used to buy it at a news stand here but that place is long gone. I think I will see if my friends at the bookstore will get it. I thought since I hadn't seen it that it was no longer in publication. Thanks for making me think of it. I have also discovered another little treasure. It is The Cottage Journal. I like the photos and the weight of the paper. You're a good blog friend. Thanks for posting.

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