Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pantone Does Fall..

I only learned about Pantone and their color predictions in the last few years.  I'm not sure how long they've been offering the forecast but I see results in trends from what they suggest.  At first, there was the color of the year.  Now I see that there is a seasonal forecast for Fall. 

Regular readers will note a couple of my favorites there.  Although these are the 'fashion' colors, I went looking for them in rooms. 

Having spent some time working with dark walls recently, I sought out the darker colors. 

Pretty close to Carafe and quite warm.  The designer has been fairly conservative in complementary colors.  The rug is wonderful!  Close to Koi but more reserved.  I like this room except for the draperies.  I think they weaken the design. 
Dark Lichen Green.  And Acai. .
This cozy eclectic setting is from Traditional Home magazine. 
Design by Andrew Maier. 
"Orange is the new black."  I'm not sure where that comes from but I've heard it a lot lately.  Koi is currently Pantone for orange.  Just a while ago it was Tangerine Tango.  No orange walls for me but I would definitely use to complement walls of Carafe, Turbulence and Deep Lichen Green. 
Orange in small doses can be striking. 
It works well here as a background for the botanicals and with lots of pure white for balance.   I found that most of the rooms I saw with orange walls were very modern. 
My nod to purple.  The Pantone color is Acai.  This may not even be close but I like the room.  It is from House Beautiful.  Kay Douglas.  I like purple.  I wear purple.  You know the mantra...When I'm an old lady I shall wear purple.  Well, I do wear purple and I learned to spit but you won't catch me in a red hat.  I just don't see purple when I look at colors for decorating.  God forbid, someone ever asks me for a purple room. 
There is a gorgeous Turbulence color room just below this post and further down my passion for Pistachio which, for this post, would be Linden Green...sorta.   
I would never paint a room a color just 'cause Pantone says I should but I find they do influence the design and fashion worlds and customers ask for what they see as trends. 
 My job is to cajole in another direction or to interpret the colors to their use. 

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