Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Obsessed with them!  I love chairs.  I've done several posts on the subject in the past.  A search in the little box over there will bring you to my treatise on wing chairs and a couple of others.  Just this morning while looking for a photo of a desk arrangement to share with an in absentia client, I stumbled on this masterpiece. 

It is labeled 'Refurbished Vintage Suzani' and promised to be available on Etsy but it was not there.  Not even as a Sold item.  I would have liked to see more of this craftsman's work.  Note that the fabric on the seat front is placed so the design suggests tacks.  How clever! 
While I rant about the painting of antique furniture and the misuse of terms like 'vintage' and 'patina' I'm perfectly happy to appreciate an adventurous spirit with chairs.  Wing chairs, in particular, offer so many possibilities for innovation. 
Not to miss a good opportunity, tarnish on silver IS NOT patina.  Nor is rust.  'Nuff said for now but I can feel it a bubblin'. 
Since the Suzani didn't appear on Etsy I looked at some of the other chairs for sale.  I liked this one too.
It is listed as "upcycled boho wing chair" if you want to look for it.  This chair makes me long for Colonial Homes.  Perhaps not familiar to many, Colonial Homes was a wonderful magazine published in the seventies.  I have kept a stack of them and there is nothing more pleasing than to snuggle up and browse through them on a wintry day.  We're going to have some of those days next week, I hear. 
I've said it often.  I love chairs.  I especially enjoyed considering these two.  The rooms are already taking shape around them...in my head.
If you're in my neck of the woods, pull out the woolies.  The wooly worms don't even have a stripe!!

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