Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I read and hear that the new generation does not venerate our old stuff.  They do not want the family heirlooms.  Don't bother saving anything to pass down because it will not be appreciated.  They want new and disposable.  That brings a deep sigh from this preservationist but I am not surprised.  In my own world I receive a respectful but thinly veiled disdain these days when I offer.  If it were vintage Star Wars I might get a different response.  What's to save there?  Plastic.  The only plastic I want to preserve is bakelite.  I'm really out of it when it comes to what is valuable. 

Take books, for example.  I was taught to respect a book.  I don't turn down pages.  I don't place the book face down to save my place.  Well, I have done that lately with a few library books whose poor spines were already weakened.  I wouldn't do it to one of these..

I was delighted to find the site where this photo appeared since it promotes the preservation of old books.  They even sell books by the yard.  The site is called Book Decor. 
While my preference might be a library filled with books I have read or want to read, as a designer, I have purchased books in quantity for the look and as shelf filler. 
Frankly, at this point I'm reduced to not caring why they are saved or used, just that they are.  All this verbosity is by way of introducing a subject that could lose me some followers. 
However, I forge ahead because it is a passionate cause for me.  Please!  Stop tearing up old books in the interest of 'art'.  I found a website with supposedly venerable artists who do it.  I won't link it here.  
I fully realize that respect for books is on the wane since they are considered unnecessary by some.   With the advent of kindles and the ease of research by Google...I can see where that attitude is developed. 
I ask you, though, would you ever consider displaying your kindle as an art object?  Have you preserved your first computer to display as a relic?  I know that I may be, as my ex would say 'beating a dead horse' but it won't stop me.  SAVE THE BOOKS!
Don't use them for wreaths!  Don't tear off their covers and tie them up with twine and sell them on Etsy!  Don't reinvent their gorgeous marbled and leather covers as journals. 
Or, if you must, could you just use Reader's Digest books?  They are easily enough made to look old with a little tea. 
Rant over.  Passion remains. 
This little stack is from Etsy seller Brothertown who sells books intact. 


  1. I even hate it that people tear apart the vintage magazines and sell the advertisements on eBay. Once it's gone there won't be anymore!

    I never turn down the page of a book to save my place but I do write in the margins of mine because they are for my enjoyment and I read them over and over. Of course if I collected beauties like the ones you show in the picture I would not do that.

    When I buy a vintage book I love coming across little notes in the margin. It's like stepping back in time to hear another person talking.

    Great post. Of course I am not a crafter and do admire the pretty things crafters do, especially when I see them use old sheet music. I have a box full of old pen and ink genealogy documents that I purchased years ago and thought about trying to do something crafty with them. Then I start to read them and can't do it. They're history. Now what my kids to with that box when I'm gone is a different story! Who knows.

  2. Yes, we are destroying our history. It makes me sad. Thanks, Dewena.

  3. Well said, Sami Pat. I don't read much these days, but I dare anyone to mess up the books I've collected.

    1. Jane, let's hope we can stem the tide. Thanks for posting.


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