Sunday, December 2, 2012

KIS. Keep It Simple.

This season we find ourselves attracted to all white and silver schemes for holiday decorating.  I was once a devotee of Country Living in its earliest incarnations.  I shied away when the walls and ceilings became too cluttered.  For many years I attended monthly lessons from Victoria where lots of thing were clustered in vignettes but with a perhaps more genteel hand.  I eventually took a Masters from Southern Accents leading to special studies in Veranda.

What's the point?  Not much except I like cleaner interiors now.   Each year I seem to want less and less in the way of Christmas clutter.  Is that age and the unwillingness to do the work?  I'm not sure.

  Wouldn't anyone enjoy receiving this simply wrapped gift?  

Beautifully simple decor.  I'm going to do this tomorrow.  I have the pine cones all gathered and more than my share of bell jars.  Snow on top or a white ribbon?  

Although I have a plaid dust ruffle I think I can accomplish this look in my bedroom.  I like the several shades of white against pine.   


I must admit that there is red in other rooms.  After all, it isn't Christmas without the man in red....or how about a a little red on the bed.  

Isn't it rich?  

Or...back to white.

With touches of Christmas to wish you goodnight!!

In full disclosure, I have done lessons in AD, Elle, Atlanta Homes and quite a few others.  Those mentioned fitted more into the plot line of this story.

Happy Holidays!!
PS. I've corrected the mistake from above.  I had written Victoria's Secret instead of Victoria. 
I've never had any lessons from Victoria's Secret!


  1. love the first bedroom pic best. And the white packaging makes it look all the more expensive and luxurious. Great idea.

    1. Anne-Marie
      I like the all white for my own bedroom with I wouldn't mind having either of the others for a guest. A bit festive for the season.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Great photos and great inspiration and like you, I love the cleaner more simplictic look of things and that includes Christmas decorating....Wishing you a lovely weekend, Xo, Ashley


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