Friday, December 14, 2012

A little more here and there..

Some of us are just putting on the finishing touches and finding there is a spot -  that door or wall that needs something more. 

How about creating a little wreath?  Here are a few we found that look simple enough to create with a few acquired materials and a glue gun and florist wire.  Most of us have a stash of ribbon if that is required.

Magnolia leaves, curly twigs and little oranges.  Woodsy and elegant.  It depends on resources as to how one might accomplish this one.  A local florist has the curly twigs and a neighbor has a magnolia tree.  I particularly like the prickly cupid's arrow.   If you can find a japonica it will provide beautiful thorny sticks.  One near my house is even nicely lichened.

This appears to be long branches from a january jasmine or a forsythia.  With the sporadic warm weather we've had here, there are things with buds.  I find an interesting contrast here.  It feels modern yet the wreath and accessories are country.  The photo is a bit dark but the walls are a close variation on the 2013 color of the year - emerald.  This photo and the one before are from Martha Stewart's blog pages.

Just delightful!  That appears to be a roll of upholstery webbing under one trophy.  The wreath is simply cedar and cones on a wrapped wire circle.   Old silver pieces and a couple of red ornaments make it merry and bright.  I like 'touches' of Christmas. 

Ah Victoria!  It's hard to tell a lot about the composition of this wreath but I think the teacup in the center is a novel idea.  Are you having a Christmas tea?  This photo and the one before are from

For some reason this year I'm enjoying sharing pretty packages.

This one came from a Pinterest page but I could not determine the origin.  It's a little Victorian but a bit naughty, don't you think?

I have three more days to finish up my cups and ribbons.   I collect Victorian souvenir cups and I use them more at Christmas.  A vignette might include a cup with a handful of old fashioned peppermint sticks or a sprig of holly with a red ribbon tied onto the handle.  Bottle brush trees handsome up beautifully when stuck into a pretty white one.  In the bigger house, the cups were always set out for the teddy bear's tea party and each member of the bear family had his own collection of ribbons.  We miss the bigger house at Christmas.  We all miss something or someone, though, don't we?

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  1. I especially love the first one w/the magnolia and oranges!


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