Sunday, September 23, 2012


I love chairs.  Big ones. Small ones. Upholstered ones.  Cane seated ones.  I just love chairs.  I've run into a few other people who say they don't understand the attachment but they have it too.

This morning I was thinking about styles of seating.  I enjoy some of the names that have been given to certain shapes and designs.  I loved finding out once that I had a fauteuil.  There is a delightful fauteuil style chair in my living room now.  It doesn't have a French heritage at all since it is a Pennsylvania chair but it fits the style.  One of the chairs below also fits the definition.

We used to think we would just not make it if we didn't come up with a camel back sofa with Chippendale legs and a marvelous long stretcher.  We never did and we got over it.

In the interest of making this post worthwhile we decided to talk about the camel back style.  No surprise, is it, that it means just that.  It has a hump like a camel in the back.  Not much originality in that name and certainly not the delightful suggestion of a fauteuil.  It is what it is and these are what they are...

This camel back is from Carrington Court.  The fabric is Opal Pompeii Red.  I like the fabric a lot but not so fond of the Queen Anne leg.  It is billed as a dining room chair as most of these are and I, personally, want straight legs under the table.  Dorothy Parker might have a comment that fits that argument. 
Now!  There's a proper leg!  This camel back is from Pebblehill Designs and there was no info about the fabric on the page where I found the photo.  I like the nails with the botanical fabric.  White walls.  Dark green walls.  How about French Roast from Pantone's Fall Pallette?  What's your pleasure?
Ah!  Now there's a beauty!  Hancock by Sam Moore was all the information we found.  It is a fauteuil in the strictest sense of being an open armchair.  We see a mixture of three styles in the arms and legs.  Confusing?  Perhaps.  But this chair is appealing.  The room this chair lives in will have curtains. 
This is the Empire Camelback Side Chair from Restoration Hardware.  Interesting how the nails are appropriate but don't make the same statement as on the Pebblehill chair.  It might be mundane if it weren't for the legs and stretchers.  Sometimes a dining room chair should be simple, yet classic. 
The piece de resistance!   The showpiece of this post, if you will.  From Drexel.  The Chateau.  This is design innovation that works.  That stretcher is worth the price of the chair.  Y'all know my favorite niece is part of Drexel.  They scored with this chair. 
There!  A little trip through current camel back offerings.   Perhaps you can tell the chairs are in the order of this author's favorites. 
Please take a seat. 


  1. I love chairs too!! I am quite frequently on the look-out for "The" chair to put in those little nooks of space in this old home of mine =) Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a a lovely comment, I bought myself a journal yesterday to keep track of this pregnancy, something I feel bad for not doing with my other pregnancies, but this is my last and I do want to cherish it, the good and the morning sickness hehe, Xo, Ashley

  2. Hi! I am visiting from my blog where you left me a message....thank sweet! I love that you call yourself a junker....and I like your blog...really well written. I think I will go now and join it!


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