Thursday, August 30, 2012

Repeat after me..

Did we learn somewhere that is redundant?  I'm not sure and it isn't a good title but my title muse is not as interested in this subject as my harp-on-it muse.

While prowling the 'net this morning, as I do most every morning, I came across an HGTV article titled "Hot Pattern Trends".  I was attracted to it since I'm running a one-woman campaign to reduce the number of chevrons in the world.  The Etsy front page has just cured me of chevrons.  I just wonder if this over-abundance of geometrics is a reflection of the trend in design fueled by our vague little industrial revolution in the design world.  

There are other geometrics, you know.

Consider the Greek key.

An historic and classical design element.  To my eye, it is less wonk-inducing than the chevron.  I can't look at a chevron for long without feeling dizzy.  The room above appears in the HGTV article.
We suggested quatrefoil as an alternative in our previous discussion of this subject but we found these neat rugs we wanted to share that have the design.  We do think quatrefoil is moving-on-up as a geometric element.
The rugs are Suzanne Kasler Quatrefoil Border Indoor/Outdoor Rug and we found them on Kaboodle. 
And, yes, ladies and gents, here is the really wonk-inducing houndstooth.  I love it and think any man becomes a gentleman when he dons a sports coat of houndstooth.  Patches on the elbows used to denote professorship.  Wonder if that could become a new trend?  The pillow is houndstooth.  That fantastic wallpaper is Thibaut Coral Fan. 
There is always plaid.  We hear it is making a comeback.  Never left for me.
This very Burberry-ish and manly bed is from Tobi Fairley and is shown in the HGTV article.   
Okay, now, hold onto your scarves.  The HGTV article was about pattern and this one blew me away.  I love this wallpaper.  It is old, but new.  Brash, yet peaceful.  Maybe the peace comes from the deja vu it conjures.  It is but it isn't.  A new interpretation of old. 
I even like the painted piece in front of it.   That's a knock for me.  Chintz.  How I loved thee and love thee still.  The text says the photo is Courtesy of Romo. 
Trade in your chevrons, folks.  It's time to take a new look. 
 Dear Reader:  I would like to know if the blog is easier to read when I used bold type as in the post below this one.  It seems so invasive to me but this one seems a little pale.  Grateful I will be for any comments.   Someday, maybe, I will find a magic person on Etsy who will re-do this for me. 


  1. I like the type you used for this post rather than the bold type.

    I enjoy your blog.


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