Saturday, June 2, 2012

The raffia dressed African fellow is for sale in my Etsy shop. I think it is linked here somewhere. I am troubled about Etsy. I read too much over there and don't understand some of it. I have worked hard to try and accomodate within what I see as the parameters for getting found over there. I've done white backgrounds. I do the SEO of the week. That seems to require changing much too frequently. I get hundreds of views on Etsy because I keep up my presence there. Very few from Google anymore and I don't think it is because of my SEO. That means Search Engine Optimization. I think the customers are drying up for old stuff. My shop closed last year for lack of interest on the public's part. Three more stores closed on Main Street in my little town just now before the season has even begun. Here's the real problem. I need the extra income from selling somewhere. I can't load and haul stuff to a mall or a show anymore. I need the online outlet. I've worked hard to master two sites now. I won't even count the months I spent trying to fit in at Online Auction. Wonder if that Momo person is still holding court over there. Gee, just thinking of her reminds me of why I'm not getting where I want to go. People are buying junk. They don't know antiques and don't care. How long do I have to wait for it to come around again? Did Antiques Roadshow and all the TV misleading distractions destroy my world or can I still blame it on Congress?? Does the general public think they aren't buying an antique unless it has been worked over by those gals who don't seem to be on anymore. I wrote about them before. I believe in authenticity. I believe in authenticity and provenance. I would say either of those words would meet with blank stares from most sellers on Etsy. Of course, I have to give it that Etsy's primary focus is on handmade. I really think we sellers of the old are seriously mistreated. Even the Search defaults to Handmade if you leave a page. Well. I don't feel any better and I figure I won't get any answers. It's my page and I can say whatever I like. I don't really think anyone looks here now. Maybe I was away too long. You see, dear reader, I can't think of anything to get excited about these days. Hmmmm. Could be I'm not the only one.

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  1. Sami - You were gone a VERY LONG time! I was beginning to wonder....

    So maybe you only write when you're REALLY worked up - no worries. :-)

    Sounds like you need to start a selling site for others who also care about authenticity and provenance. I know as a collector, it matters to me.

    Welcome back - and let us know when you've named your site and when we can log on to BUY NOW!



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