Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Chevron

The newest rage in fashion and design...


..seems to have graduated from sergeant's stripes and service stations. 

I've looked at tons of chevrons on the front page of Etsy.  They keep it a secret who chooses those front page treasuries but I would say whomever it obsessed.  If they are to be believed the chevron represents some sort of salvation.  I spent a little time looking around.  I don't mind the chevron and flowers combination above. 

I found the photo below of a bedroom with the caption "chevron is the new stripe".  I'm not sure I could live with chevron walls but I'm willing to accept that younger families might be right at home sleeping under the zig zag.   Perhaps after a night on the town one might consider another room. 

I would certainly use either of these paper items seen below.  I especially like the freshness of the notes although I hope my guests won't be expecting that wallpaper seen in the photo above.  Perhaps chevron flags for drinks? 

Yeah!  I like the combination of geomtrics on these pillows. 

And...look what I found on Etsy.  This precious pillow shop offers a combination of designs that includes the Chevron Slub.  I would mix that with the Suzani Slub.  How about you?   
Here's a link to their shop.

I found this and couldn't resist sharing it.   

Too bad the text covers the chevron on Charlie Brown's sweater but we do remember, don't we?
Well, some of us do.  Perhaps it is the generation who don't who should sleep under those new stripes - the chevron. 

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Honor your heart!! 


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