Thursday, October 20, 2011

Take a bath.

I saved some photos of bathrooms while working on a couple of renovations. 

I love old radiators.  Is that floor linoleum?  I didn't use anything from this design but saved it because it is an interesting mix of old and new.  Sort of Moroccan which is "new" in design but with a look of maturity.  Did you notice, the legs on the sink table are not matched? 

Lounge!  Tub or sofa.  We worked on a room in which one wall was a sloping ceiling and the client wanted to put a pair of sinks in front of it.  This was an alternative we hoped would sway her.  She was persistent and we were adamant.  A design conundrum. 

We haven't encountered any antlers or rafters but here in the mountains we think we probably will.  Look at those floors!  Both my daughter and I have long dreamed of having a loft. 

A chandelier?  How mah-ve-lous! 
Maybe a little too much "cold" surface for my taste. 

I've posted this one previously and it has turned up on a couple of other blogs recently.  A totally eclectic mix but it sets me wondering where and why.  There has to be a story. 

Add:  Google doesn't recognize me today so I am replying to a Comment here.  I noticed the strangeness of the towel bars also.  I think it is so there would be no holes in the marble or whatever that wall treatment is.  It looks a bit rigged for the formality of the rest of the room.  Thanks for the comment.  10.21.11


  1. My favorite is the second to last, but agree w/you it could be warmed up a bit. The towel rods near the tub are suspended from the ceiling - interesting.

  2. These bathrooms are to die for! Loving the rustic touch some of them have. And that chandelier... ooh! Have a fabulous day, Kellie xx

  3. Some wonderful eye candy that I have not seen. I too, would love to know the story behind the last one. Happy Sunday! XO, Mona

  4. Some beautiful examples of fabulous baths!!


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