Monday, October 17, 2011

Lost in a sea of fluff and white!

I am so lost!  Lost in an overabundance of throw pillows and fluff and white! 
This morning I took at look an article titled 'Living Rooms You Will Love' on the Country Living site.  I didn't.  Take this, for example.  Or just take it away.  The late Victorians did take it away with the Arts & Crafts and Art Deco movements.  I really hope it isn't coming back.   



I know it is a trend but I hope it ends soon.  I've seen far too many pieces of good old wood furniture indiscriminately painted white and lost forever to their proper place among antiquity.  What is the purpose of the washbasin in the floor?  I do like the weathered column standing to the side.  In the article this one was called Carpenter Gothic.  It fits.  Why stop now when you have one more piece of gingerbread to put somewhere?

Tolerable White.

 Better, but I wanted to see more.  The room all had descriptive tags and I forgot to notice the one for this one.  I wish I had since I had trouble defining this room.  Country French Traditional?  In addition to my other 'plaints, I'm a bit resistant to drum shades.  I've noticed this before in other design pages - the oversized look of the drum shade.  The originally appeared on taller lamps.  That may be what seems wrong to me.  Size and proportion.  Basic elements of style. 

White Out!

This pleasant country room displays a handsome pottery collection but does not appear cluttered.   This time of the year seasonal touches seem most appropriate in country rooms.

Maybe I can compromise.

Country and white and a minimum of throw pillows. 

Denoument?  I don't have one.  I disliked more of the rooms I was supposed to like than I liked.  That could be the fault of Country Living or my resistance to current trends.  

 If by these words I have offended 
I hope next time we meet
It will be mended.

Happy Monday.  It is another gorgeous day here in my little corner of North Carolina.  


  1. I totally agree that things can get awfully silly when taken too far. My mother still cries over the gorgeous antique she panted white, nearly 50 years ago! (She also chopped about 6 inche4s off of each leg...!)
    I have a lot of pet peeves with design...maybe I'll post about them one day. meanwhile, just know you are NOT alone!

  2. A room clad utterly in white gives me the willies. I need wood in deep tones and some black to ground things a bit, to keep me here on earth. Don't get me started on what people do with paint to a quality piece of furniture. Drum shades I do like, but too much white and fluff, I do not.

  3. I agree.....the first 2 pictures leave me scratching my head :)

  4. Feeling good after getting your article or I can say our story. All above pictures are expressing different things as its features but I really like white and often prefer white furniture because, white can make any place really shining as natural and peaceful and certainly, everyone needs both for their place.


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