Saturday, January 12, 2019

Color Me

 I embraced the Pantone Color idea from the beginning and actually used that very vibrant tango in a few places. I liked it because it was orange and orange is the stepchild in decorating. It got a lot of talk on design and creative blogs. The next year was green and although I like to use green their choice was a bit insipid for me. Then came purple and it was widely embraced without my encouragement.  I lost interest at Marsala.

Now it seems we are doing a retrospective. Green and purple have taken another run and here we are back at orange. Living Coral, the new Color of the Year,  is only a few shades or innuendoes away from Tangerine Tango.  I'm wondering if we should introduce the Pantone folks to Crayola who are currently touting boxes with 152 colors.

 ADAC in full swing and I see a lot of brown. The other orphan. 

The most popular color in use for a good long while now is gray.  I came across this great bedroom while googling for gray rooms.  Isn't it a joy?  I am almost certain that I have this same room in my photo archives in orange.  I will have to see.

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