Saturday, May 12, 2018

Signs & Dragons Fly

The dragonfly.  Irridescent, illusive, not overly familiar, darting here and there and fairly short lived.  There are 5,000 species and they have been flitting about for thousands of years.  I think their iridescent wings are fascinating.

I have a small collection and once shared the affinity with a dear woman who is now deceased. When I think of her I am newly amused by thoughts of a sign on her property on St. Simon's Island. 

Having trouble recalling the wordage, I decided to see what I could find on Google and there it was.  Her sign and it is properly attributed to a "home on St. Simon's". 
Beverly left us a few years ago after telling me that she gave up on the sign since it was constantly being stolen in recent years.  That speaks to what we all know is a tide in the affairs of men.  It makes me sad. 

According to a friend who also has a home there, the sign was replaced
last year.  I appreciate the property heirs who did that to honor her.
Since Spring came and went in a couple of weeks, I am now on the lookout for one of my favorite summertime creatures. 

Today I saw the dragon-fly
Come from the wells where he did lie.
An inner impulse rent the veil
Of his old husk: from head to tail
Came out clear plates of sapphire mail.
He dried his wings: like gauze they grew;
Thro' crofts and pastures wet with dew
A living flash of light he flew.

by Alfred Lord Tennyson

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