Sunday, February 5, 2017

Are you a shaker or a muffineer?

A couple of years ago we were doing an auction that included a silver plate muffineer.  I mentioned that I liked it during set up and when the auction was over, it was mine.  One of our staff was the only bidder and he handed it to me.  It has set with two silver candlesticks and a cloisonné bowl on my kitchen island since.

Sugar shakers or muffineers were once an integral part of a table setting along with the salt cellar or vinegar bottle.  I've never known why powdered sugar was considered a staple.  Perhaps that is a study for another day. 

I have made my own determination that the difference in a sugar shaker and a muffineer is cost or value.  Once I had my first one I decided I might collect a few.  That was soon shot down when I discovered that most of the ones I liked were above what I would pay for a casual collection.  Here are some of the pretties I have seen.

This beautiful etched amber glass muffineer would add elegance to any table setting. 
Beautiful turquoise lattice glass.  This one might be either a muffineer or sugar shaker since it may have lived on a slightly more modest table.  Likely in the South. 
Definitely a sugar shaker in Martha Stewart glass.  We have laughingly referred to Jadeite that way since Martha promoted it so heavily on her show and in her magazine.  I am still considering the direction my collection will go and I have liked quite a few of the kitchen ones.  
This one is shown on Etsy as a sugar or flour shaker.  I think the design on the top is a good indication it was for sugar.  I am a fan of tin so I like this one.  Wonder how many tin ones I could find?
We have run the gamut here from extreme elegance to simple tin.  I like them all and find the materials other than silver more interesting.  
There are lots of sugar dispensers listed on the 'net as sugar shakers. 
I think it is a misnomer.  The sugar dispensers were for granulated sugar, not powdered.  I found one of those at the flea market yesterday that is a bit unusual.  It is a beautiful deep turquoise in color.  It will go in my booth at Sutton's and I hope someone appreciates it. 
I leave you with this beauty that sold for over $3,000. at a convention of folks who appreciate shakers.  It is definitely a Muffineer.  Note the capital M.  Here is a link to the site.
Maybe you want to pay more attention to shakers!! 



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  1. Now I know I should have bought a muffineer 5 decades ago when I saw one. It was expensive then, but not compared to today. Instead I kept powdered sugar in a square milk glass container marked Sugar, with large holes, that was a part of set of Flour, Salt and Pepper. The Flour one used to be used, I bet, because meats would be dusted with flour before frying? I gave the set to my future daughter-in-law last year when we moved. After this last move to a much smaller house, I need to gift more dishes.

    Happy Valentine's Day, even if it's ending pretty soon,


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