Saturday, December 31, 2016

I Resolve...No, I probably don't.

A new year awaits.
What will we do?  Where will we go?  How will we change? 
For many years I thought about resolutions but I knew it was more of a process than a commitment.
These days I do the examination of my life and faults on the occasion of my birthday.  As some of you know my birthday is 9/11.  It became a time for reflection and contemplation on that date in 2001.  Certainly we were all enraged but I had personal rage.  It lasted for several years until once I got caught up in a commemorative documentary where they showed a gathering of families of those who had lost their lives.  There on the screen was a little boy crying hard tears into his mother's bosom for his father.  At that moment I did a turnaround and now I remember that little boy and the others whose loss was so much greater than mine.
So, as the New Year approaches here in the chilly mountains of NC, I am absolved of the need for resolutions since mine were made in September.  Did I keep them?  No.  The primary one involved weight loss as they have for most of the years of my adult life.  I did lose twenty pounds but then gained back a bit that won't seem to budge. 
So, will I promise to do better today?  I will.  Why miss the chance?   
I read a good blog (I'm sorry I didn't mark it) about resolutions that suggested making only one.  One that we are determined to keep.  How does that sound?  Once I get thinking, though, I'm sure it will be hard to give just one priority.  I will start with the weight and commit to a number and date.  That was the other suggestion in the bog - to be specific.  Pin yourself down, in other words.  A date is a good goal.
As you might guess, the Number One New Year's Resolution is, in fact, "lose weight".  I'm in good company, huh?  Two is "get organized" followed by money and physical fitness.  "Quit smoking" has fallen on the list to Number Seven.  If that one is on your list, I pray you will be successful. 
One of mine, if I commit, would be to maintain this blog in some way that pleases me.  I've learned that my opinions aren't always the popular ones.  I am still adamant about painting antiques just for the sake of applying some Annie's Milk Paint to something.  No offense to Annie, for sure.
It is late in the day so time is running out.  When I finish watching Carolina beat Georgia Tech I will get serious and let you know how it goes. I really seriously appreciate those of you who have been faithful with me and I hope to do better. 



  1. My only New Year's resolutions are to push myself a little harder, I seem to have been content just to exist this past year. I've done the weight loss resolution, and come to the conclusion, it's hard to lose weight, when you live in the south :)
    Here's wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year, and thank you for sharing your world with us.

  2. I haven't had any problem keeping resolutions since I began making only fun ones. At 73 years old I think I like rewarding myself better than the resolutions of my youth!

    And by all means, we must blog in a way that pleases us!

    Happy 2017,


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