Monday, November 16, 2015

One of the big annual events for designers on this end of North Carolina is the Cashiers Designer Showhouse presented by the Cashiers Historical Society.  Designers from this area (including Atlanta) put on quite a show for the public to raise money for the historical society.  Here are a few shots from this year's project.

We love vaulted ceilings and natural wood here in the mountains.  A pine knot is a sought after commodity.  This dining area, though small, has great light from the multi-paned outside wall doors and windows.  Design by Ann Sherrill. 

A hallway repeats the vaulted ceiling.  We have abundant supplies of stone and good stone masons still practicing the art so a true mountain house should always feature stonework.  This area was decorated by Sally Johannsen. 

And...from one of my favorites, James Farmer III.  Just so traditional and comfortable.  Pass the cigars and brandy!!

It takes some driving on mountain roads to get there but Cashiers is worth a visit.  Lots of shops feature design/home related fare.  Boutiques feature unique and trendy fashions.  Although it is considered a high end atmosphere, there are even a couple of thrift shops.  If you don't get enough and you're up for another twenty or so miles of really mountain road, check out Highlands. 


  1. What fun it would be to see in person! I rode through Cashiers so many times growing up as we traveled from Asheville to SC on the state road. Never imagined then that it would become the highly desirable location it has today.

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures!

  2. Dewena, I'm glad you stopped by. Thanks for commenting.


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