Wednesday, June 18, 2014


If you've missed me, I will explain that having to use Google Chrome and switch back and forth to create a post has severely affected my enthusiasm for this spot.  I really think it is stinky of Google to make it so difficult.  I mean, could it be anything else since those of us who used to access by way of IE have not been able to post photos for months?  

 I do have something to share.  I have recently discovered and fallen in love with an Atlanta designer.  He shares a name that is prominent here in my county but I've yet to learn if he is related.  That aside, I have fallen in love with his personality and his work.  

In the past I shared the work of a local designer friend in the Cashiers Showhouse.  Now I share the work of James Farmer III in the 2013 show.  

James Theodore Farmer III can be found on his own blog at and he is also on Facebook where he posts entertaining posts regularly.  He has also written several books.  Check him out!!

I wish you a fabulous summertime.  I've already had my beach trip and long to go back.  It is hot here in the mountains!!


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