Sunday, November 10, 2013


Aware, as I am, of the trend in thinking relative to Christmas sweaters, I am not deterred.

Kohl's is currently running a sale ad on TV where they show a white sweater with a big red cardinal on the front.   I like cardinals.  Not only are they the official bird of North Carolina but they have a special significance to me relating to my mother. 

So..I went looking for cardinal sweaters. 

This one is billed as an 'ugly Christmas sweater' on Rusty Zipper.  They have several in that category.  If this is an ugly one, I think it is low on the list.  I like it.  It looks like it might be boiled wool.  I'm still regretting letting go of a red boiled wool jacket several years ago.  I can't imagine what made me think I didn't want it.  As I look for cardinal sweaters I may also hope to find a red boiled wool jacket.
Pretty busy.  Ugly?  Meh!
Tastefully Woolrich!  I like the simplicity.  They don't show well in the photo but there are snowflakes.  Black jeans and boots. 
This one linked back to eBay.  The photo is still a bit fuzzy even though I edited it.  Black wool trousers and a white silk shirt and a red bangle. 
And there is this...
It is from a fellow seller on Etsy.  It isn't my size or it would have been sold earlier this morning even though it is missing cardinals.  What a happy sweater!  I see this with a white shirt and jeans but then my fashion sense niggles the limits to add it as a formal jacket over a little black dress.  I think it is lined.   
Here's the link:
I'm still looking for my sweater but I'm convinced I will wear a cardinal Christmas sweater this year.  I love their little red flashes on the winter landscape.  Several families live nearby and favor me with visits to my feeder.  I always mix in some sunflower seeds for them.
Un bel oiseau!
Am I deterred by the 'ugly Christmas sweater' syndrome.  Absolutely not!  I am saddened to report that there are some ugly ones. 
Happy sweater shopping!



  1. Sami - This is perfect, as Daughter and I just scored (truly) ugly Christmas sweaters this last week! One wish and one stop at a resale shop - they were $27 no matter the size or design. A few were in the category of your first and 3rd photos.... not ugly at all. The shop owner shared she recently got into a conversational tight spot with a customer who wasn't shopping for the fun ugly - she really LIKED (in a serious way) the over embellished holiday theme. :-)

    What size are you looking for - I'll keep my eyes open for cardinals. Cheers!

  2. Lovely collection! How fun that you found so many cardinal sweaters. They're nice all winter, not just at Christmas.

  3. I love these sweaters. I loved the years when we wore them with pride. I miss that. I even posted about it last December in "Back When We Wore Christmas Sweaters and Built Cities." I hope you will launch a new passion for them. I'll be right in line behind you. With your fashion suggestions for these, I think you could do it.

    Cardinals on my sweaters were always my favorite.

    I'm counting on you, Sami. In 2014 they'll be "in" again!


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