Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chair Long.

We're having chair obsession days.  We love chairs and might be considered a collector.  It's hard to say.  The definition of a collection is more than four.  We have more than four but we aren't sure if we count the upholstered ones. 

I'm always interested to see how many bedrooms show chaises in the design.  I've owned two.  One was actually a hired man's bed but I find those on pages when I search 'chaise'.  I have a point here.  Stay with me.

Chaises (should I consult a French dictionary for the plural or will you trust me?)  have been around for a while.  This one is French, as it should be, and I found the photo on 1st Dibs.  You must log in for the price.

One would certainly think a Marie or Louis had sat upon this beauty.  Not so.  It is available as the Versailles Gold Chaise Longue by The French Bedroom Company.  Beauty or comfort?  Relax and read?  I don't think so.  This one might seat four good friends at a cocktail party.  See, I told you I have a point.

This beauty is from Elan Designs Ltd. and is known as the Ruskin Chaise.  You may order an arm on either side. 
Each has it's place.  How I would love to fit the primitive one into a mountain cottage setting.  The Louis chair?  Eclectic elegance.  Seems like the Ruskin would fit into a library.  After all, don't we think of relaxing and reading when we see a chaise longue?  Long chairs.  I'm not so fond of them.  I've owned two and never found a comfortable spot on either.  However!  Here's the ahhhh...
My point?  If you're chasing chaises, I recommend you choose carefully with potential use in the forefront for consideration. Most aren't really comfortable.  Finding the 'sweet spot' is elusive in most cases. 
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