Sunday, July 21, 2013


By now, I've narrowed down my favorites to a few areas.  I used to be a Christmas fanatic.  Not so much anymore.  NC Pottery, souvenir mugs, hammers and sewing stuff have become primary but only if I find something really special and the price is right.   One area I have never gotten enough of is brown and white transfer ware.  I passed through mulberry a long time ago.  I collected a whole step-back full of Old Britain Castles and then passed it on.  I still look at brown and white.  Sunday morning dreaming brought me to these beauties. 

This lovely is on sale at Ruby Lane.  I marked it.  I don't have a covered jar. 
Is this aesthetic?  I think so.  A mix of browns.  Interesting that it has a middle foot.  The photo was on a site called axsoris. 
Oh my!  What a lovely spout and simple design.  It shows it's age but maintains its character.  I found this one on
I have a smidge of black and white and plain white ironstone on display in my kitchen.  I use my brown and white in my bedroom. 
Up 'til now I've been a purist but this one with a mix of colors would fit beautifully.
It is on axsoris also.  When I get back seeing my niece off on a cross-the-nation motorcycle ride for veterans, I'm going to investigate axsoris a bit more.
Happy Sunday Y'all!


  1. Sami - I have a small collection of brown and white plates (hanging in the living room) mainly with a few cups which came with saucers. The large covered tureen would be my pick from this group as it has that bold graphic border. I admire the florals but there needs to be a dominate graphic pattern to make it into my collection.

    (and knock my socks off!) ;-)

  2. They're lovely! I only have one white and brown plate of the aesthetic type and nothing else in my color filled house to go with it except for an old heavy platter in browns of a snow covered English village. I keep them to put out together in the fall. But oh, how I admire rooms such as you describe.


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