Thursday, July 11, 2013

After stumbling onto the photos and a little history of the handsome French chateau that I wrote about here some time ago, I have learned there are far too many more formerly lovely, now discarded, mansions in the UK and France.  At least the skeletons are left standing for the public to appreciate the architecture and construction details. 

Here is my most recent find.

This Georgian beauty is known as Sutton Scarsdale Hall.  It is located just outside Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK.  The structure was originally built as part of the Saxon empire of  Wulfric Spott who made it into a Benedectine Abbey.

There were barons, relatives of kings, religious and even a movie star who enjoyed the beauty of the manor before its decay. 

In 1920, a group of ruthless businessmen stripped the house of its assets, even the roof.  Parts were shipped to the US and some paneling was bought by William Randolph Hearst who never used it. 

It sits now in the care of English Heritage and is freely accessible to visitors. 

Here is a postcard photo of Sutton Scarsdale Hall in it's prime.

Do you think those are sheep on the lawn?  This view is the front of the building.  I don't know if the tower and church in the background really existed or if they were added to the painting.  Maybe I will investigate further. 

My apologies to those who follow.  I hope you haven't given up on me.  I've had a lengthy bout with a painful shoulder which has kept me from the computer. 


  1. Sami! I love your new photo.

    Is the Thurman quote new? Or have I noticed it for the first time because I needed to....

    Thank you for sharing your research and wisdom. Hoping your shoulder is fully healed.


  2. Hi Linda!

    The quote has always been there. I find that I 'notice' it on some days and not on others.

    Thanks for commenting on the photo. I was having a good time when it was taken.


  3. oh my gosh and I think my home is difficult and expensive to heat!


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