Friday, April 26, 2013

You know how they say "age creeps up on you"?  Well...I'm approaching my 75th birthday and, although I've been through hell physically from two near-fatal auto accidents, until the last two years I have felt that I was holding on fairly well.  This past winter some days I felt as if I were in a death tunnel with no way out and no light at the end that I could see.

As spring comes along some of that is improving but there is a little thing (some might say) that is really getting to me.  It is about hairdressers - good ones and very bad ones.  I got tied up with a bad one and then found one who was worse and then one who might have been a bit better but couldn't get my message.  I've wondered if a woman my age is too much of a challenge or if they see the challenge and think I'm not worth it because of my age.  They're wrong on that score.   All things considered it might seem like a little thing but most women I know would agree with me that a year of bad hair days is disheartening. 

Earlier today I visited my sweet Pinterest page.  I love my Pinterest page and when I go there I am always renewed by what I have saved to savor.  When I do go there, I wonder why I haven't checked in more often. 

I had clicked through several levels of pages when I saw this:

                                                            Carmen Dell Orefice. 
She is in her eighties and still working as a model.  She began working for VOGUE at age 15 and at age 77 she lost her fortune to Bernie Madoff.  She doesn't diet, freely admits to being friendly with a surgeon and uses Bag Balm as a skin cream.

I wondered if there were others. 

Daphne Selfe
Selfe still commands top dollar as a model and poses for leading fashion houses like Moschino and Dolce & Gabbana.  
She is 83, lets her hair grow because "it's cheaper" and is proud of the gray stating that it is her "fortune" because it makes her more striking.  No facelifts.  No botox.  She refers to botox as poison.  Not fond of skin creams but "might use a bit of Boots". 
Boots is a British lifting and firming cream.   
For the comfort of all, I just couldn't bring myself to add a photo of Bag Balm but I'm pretty sure it is available in farm stores. 



  1. Gorgeous women! I've seen Carmen before. And I love looking at the stunningly dressed older women on Advanced Style blog.

    I had a hairdresser that was a dream with my white hair and she was worth the 30 min. trip and big bill. She left and I searched for several years, disappointed each time. I finally found a hairdresser who takes 10 min to cut it rather than the wonderful slow snip snip snip my favorite did, but I'm sticking with this one as she achieves basically the same effect, although it falls short of being wonderfully swingy that I loved.

    No one, I'm afraid, could make me look like either of your pictures above!

    1. Dewena, thank you so much for mentioning Advanced Style. I lost my marker for it in a computer foul up and could never remember the name. I so enjoy visiting there. That is inspiration, too.

  2. Sami, I have also seen these women and aim to age as beautifully. I also count you, my mother and both grandmothers as inspirations. I colored my hair for maybe 5 years starting in my late 30's. And except for 2 one time only "color jobs" nature has been adding salt to my black pepper continuously now to 52.

    Getting a stylist to care about what gray hair looks like - other than short w/no swingy movement (Dewena!) is/has been impossible! Without a plan I realize I have been growing my hair now for 10 months. Credit to the last pro to cut my layers still have some shape and I am enhancing the curl with product, air drying and finger scrunching/twisting - I love it.

    Friends my age are all still coloring so I do sense that I make them a bit uncomfortable "as the outer" of their roots likely
    color. A couple of older friends 75+ decided they would stop coloring (they claim, because of me) and they both look younger than they did with color!

    I hope you continue to feel physically stronger and find that next stylist soon - I have a group of gray hair style photos on my Pinterest and among them Helen Mirin may be my favorite. Cheers!

    1. Linda, frosting (what it used to be called) carried me through forty and into the fifties but then I gave up. I love my gray hair and get compliments on the color. I just want to get compliments on the style, too. *grins* I congratulate you on being true to your color.

      Thank you for the compliment and encouragement. I'm really working on getting out of that tunnel.

  3. i keep my grey rich mouse cut like judi dench's last season in 'as time goes by.'
    she's wearing hers a little longer now i think. but still very short.
    sometimes i worry it's not too feminine. but then i hop in the shower and hop out and put a little hand lotion all over it and it's shiny and i'm happy. LOL.
    i loved your visit to iris's apartment. and i'm glad i discovered you through my friend dewena. we're all just 'across the way!'
    health is the one thing that can make us feel old before our time. i wish for you continuing strength. you are hardy and beautiful! like a flower in the drought!
    go sami!

    1. Thanks, Tammy. I enjoyed my visit with Iris and truly did appreciate her apartment.

      Ms. Dench is another good looking woman (not quite eighty) with a fun haircut. I know what you mean about trading the femininity of it all for the comfort and ease.

  4. Beautiful women with fabulous bones. A good hair stylist is worth her/his weight in gold and as difficult to find.

    1. So true! There are far too many of the other kind and I keep finding them.


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