Sunday, December 30, 2012

What Now?

Although there are a few more of the twelve days of Christmas, most of us are thinking about putting it away.  Some may have already done so.  In the interest of that process, I was looking around at storage pieces.  If you've read here for a while you know that a lot of my decorations go into a big old English chest that sits in my living room.  Search the word Christmas if you'd like to read that post.  The little Search gizmo is very efficient.  The title of the post is Where's Your Christmas.

I did go looking at storage options and I found some interesting stuff.  Maybe there isn't anything here that will accomodate Christmas but at this time of the year finding stash space becomes a primary consideration.  On most resolution lists there is some allusion to cleaning out or cleaning up. 

All that is to say, I'm talking about storage pieces because I found some neat ones.

This cart is from Ikea.  If you're a craftsperson this has endless possibilities.  I could use it in my laundry room.  How about on a porch as a bar cart?  Dorm?  Bathroom?  If you sort ornaments as you remove them from the tree this would be useful.  I'm sure it comes in colors.

Speaking of dorm and laundry rooms, wouldn't these work well?  I found them on Pinterest.  Their only reference was 'offi perf box'.  If I can find them I will edit to give a reference.  Do you store extra towels and bedding somewhere?  How about pantry storage?  Gee, weren't polka dots a big item last year? 

What a fresh Scandanavian look here!  It comes from Horchow and is called 'Hilliard".  I liked it less when I learned the design is inlaid bone, not painted.  It comes in blue and would make a good color and design starter piece for a bedroom or sun porch.  It would certainly make a significant impression in a foyer.  Instant heirloom!

This handsome dentiled piece is called 'Storage Capital' and is from Bee Line.  This one and the previous piece would be friendly in the same room.  Classic, traditional, functional and fairly resilient for fitting in.  I can't quote it specifically but Bunny Williams, the namesake of Bee Line,  has a motto that goes something like "Always traditional but never predictable".

I loved every one of those old rickety commercial shoe racks on casters that used to show up at antique shows but I never had one.  I might be happy with this instead.  The photo was copied from Stanton Home.  Industrial and amenable to innovative ideas. 

My very best wishes to you for finding your storage solutions in the new year.  If you have none then you are free to celebrate but whoever of us who read these blogs isn't itching to get on with a project?  There is always something to fix, change, improve on or renovate.  Be on!!

Please share your thoughts and don't forget to check out the other Christmas storage post if you have few more minutes. 

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