Thursday, December 20, 2012

The girls at One Kings Lane have put some of the Martyn & Mary Collection on sale today.

I really like wine glasses without stems.  It takes some stress out of entertaining.  I've collected quite a few antique ones and now that they are being made again no one looks at me strangely when I use mine.  In truth, no one who knows me looks at me strangely for anything I do.  These come by twos for under $50. 

                                         I'm also a fan of glass candlesticks.  This one is $79.

Four black and white knotty coffee or hot chocolate mugs for $29.  There are also dessert plates in this pattern. 
I have no connection to One Kings Lane other than having joined their site almost the first day. 
On my page there was an additional percent off coupon.  I hope you get that offer too.
Oh, just one more.
There is some great pottery in the collection. 
Happy Shopping!

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  1. How much have you purchased from OKL?

    I have been both pleased and disappointed by the quality for the price of items.

    When the description is not complete (read VERY carefully) I now pass.


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