Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Recently when I wanted to list a little cream and sugar set on Etsy I did some looking around to verify the style.  I don't know if Etsy shoppers care about style as much as a look but I like to have that information in my listings if possible. 
I was fairly certain my little pieces were Georgian so I looked for that and once into the Google of it all I spent some time looking at what was shown.  I like silver and I like teapots so it was fun.  The set shown above is typical Georgian. 
I am especially fond of the little lozenges that often appear in the finials on Georgian pots.  The one shown below has it as does the set above.  Note the handle. I am always drawn to a pot that has wood in the handle.  I suppose that is teak.  Not sure.  But the shape of the handle is prominent to the style.

The nice onion shaped bowl might also be considered an essential element unless one is looking at this next beauty.   The roundness is missing but the handle is true and there is that precious lozenge in the finial.  That might be called a button.  I prefer lozenge.

When one is exploring the internet, too often there are upsetting views in the middle of the good stuff.  This, below, was one.

Ouch!   No fun here.
Yes, it is deliberate.  In years past when copper was a hot decor item, an older decorator friend of mine would have the silver removed from copper trays and pots to display them with copper collections.  By now, my readers know I'm a purist so I disagree with altering items unless they are severely ill in their present state.  Please, sir, could I salvage the lozenge on this one...or the handle.

All the images are from a general search for Georgian teapots. 

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