Monday, July 16, 2012

Green..Green..The Grass Is Home

I was looking through Elle Decor online and flipped through the pages of an article on The Kips Bay Showhouse.  It has been, traditionally, one of the markers in the design business.  So...if those decorators have the good tarot cards, we're in for more green.  Shades and shades of green.  We begin with this one by Charlotte Moss.  That wall is supposed to replicate a boxwood hedge.  The framed art is photo murals of gardens.  It's a master bedroom.  If you're interested in following Moss, she has a blog.

                                                                More shades of green...

Colors are simply listed as lime and aqua.  Nothing more specific except that the wallpaper is grasscloth and the sofa is listed as from a new colorway by Scalamandre.   The design is by Scott Sanders who felt the house needed a cabana and this room was off the pool area. 

Different shades of green....

Not so strong with color is Jamie Drake's library above.  The art seems a bit overpowering to my eye.  According to the text there are emerald green bookshelves and there is a wall sized mirror.  No explanation for that silvery thing on the left.  Surely it is not a chair!!

Aqua and lime again.  And emerald.  Designer Thom Filicia covered both the walls and ceiling in a lacquer-like green paint in this small space.  It is listed as a small space.  Designers aren't always pleased they are assigned small spaces and sometimes add too much to get attention.  I think that is the case with this one. 

Lovely green chairs and soft green table settings in the dining room above.  I love when dining room chairs are comfortable.  Those look accomodating. 

The last room we share has a much more serene color scheme but note there are touches of aqua.  Neal Beckstedt did this studio.  The chaise is lovely but I can never imagine the utilitarian aspects of a chair set in the middle of a room. 

Green.  Green.  The green green colors of home. 
These days we're all hoping for more green.  Wonder if that influences our design color choices.  Nah.  I'm sure that thought is just too provincial.

I've always liked green.  Only in recent years have I been willing to come over to the blues. 


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog, I truly appreciate it! I am sorry for your loss as well, losing a sibling is definitely a hard thing to cope with, but my Faith is what is getting me through! Have a lovely day, Xo, Ashley

  2. OOOH. I love green...bringing the outdoors inside. and being in the desert...I need more green! I actually like the painting that you thought was overpowering -- I like the scale eit added to the space.

  3. Hey hey Sami!

    I most certainly agree with you about dining chairs! We were lucky to find a set of Henredon at a resale shop. I wanted to wait until we found something with wide and deep seats - and that's just what happened. And a good price too. :-)



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