Monday, September 26, 2011

It's Fall Y'ALL!

It is the third day of Fall here in mountains of North Carolina and we had another gorgeous day of the bright sunshine that only happens this time of the year.  About the only problem with this kind of weather is what to wear.  We spent some time languishing in a downtown coffee shop this afternoon and indulged in a few wry smiles as we watched the tourists come and go in their best-guess-for-the-day-in-unknown-territory garb.  Some were comfortable.  Some were not.  It is tricky and we natives don't do a bit better although we like to think we have it down.  Wardrobe is not the focus of this post.  Sometimes I just get going in the wrong direction and can't get back until I run into the wall.

Fall brings out the decorator in most of us.  Whether we decorate for Halloween, harvest up the decor around Thanksgiving time or begin now thinking about the Christmas tree and all it brings, it is decorating time.  I spent a little time on the 'net looking at Fall ideas and here are some I found.

While I doubt I will carve the pumpkin as nicely as this, I might try plopping one into the top of a flower pot. 

This takes the idea a giant step further. 

Striped and checked pumkpins?  Table decor? 


While I was searching the 'net for ideas I came across this color chart that was billed as Fall color trends.  I see some I like.  I'd rather decorate a room in "moccasin", "khaki" and "scallop shell" with a little "parisian green" than carve a pumpkin!!  I'm in love with an already carved and highly glazed painted tin one in a store window downtown but the price is formidable.  I may just be happy with the usual mums and the wreath I bought on a whim after I learned the price of the tin pumpkin. 


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  1. Love those striped pumpkins for adults but arouns here we still like to get out the knives and carve away.

    Thank you for stopping by, you have a beautiful blog!



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